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Welcome back to my philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. I found some really good posts this week and for the ones that don't have an image, you can just click the page divider to go to their posts. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading some of these.

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I wanted to be assured that resistance isn't a real thing, that it's just a concept that people talk about when they're making excuses about why they haven't done things they committed to, or a way to talk around taking ownership over the choices that have been made. It was intriguing to get a few pages in and realize that Pressfield was describing things that happen to him as if they were happening to me. That's when things got interesting for me.

They are hard to fool. The only chance I have, usually, is when they're busy with something, flowers, for example. However, this is where the enjoyment is. In such uncontrollable natural things, and where we are required to adapt to the utmost patience and wisdom, there lies the enjoyment, apart from the pleasures afforded by the beauty of nature itself.

It's good to remind ourselves that individuals can either voluntarily or through birth be part of groups, tribes, hives, and other collectives, though the distinguishing parameters of labels are constantly fluid and are ultimately generalized observations based on often culturally relative, arbitrary characteristics. You might even take this understanding for granted and that's expected in everyday life, as it can be beneficial and convenient to make general statements about humanity which makes our thoughts about the social order simpler to arrange in our minds.

Well, you know, it depends on how much one is willing to resist the obvious, but yes, the Universe is geometrically arranged and fractal, and this is NO coincidence otherwise, mathematics, which is the language of Life, wouldn't make any sense. So there you go, there is an "intelligent design" in this sense, whatever you want to call "IT". That does not matter. "IT" is there and speaking to us mathematically.

The problem is that we know that those limitations exist. Determinism has to be true to some extent. We know that we can't change our sexual orientation; that's pretty much become commonly accepted in my lifetime. We know that we can't choose our parents. We can't choose the environment in which we're born. We can't even choose who we are. We know that thoughts emerge into consciousness rather than the other way around. It simply stands to reason that we can't choose to do what doesn't occur to us to do and what occurs to us is a result of prior causes whether they be nature or nurture.


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