Clayboyn's Curation Corner 9/26/20 (and update about last week's show)

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Welcome back to my philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. I've been pretty busy, but I'll throw in an update on the show before getting into the posts. Last week there was a technical issue and the recording of the show was blank, so to the few of you that watch on 3speak, last weeks show is... well lost. Anyway we have another one tonight in an hour and I'll make sure everything is recording properly tonight, now back to the topic at hand:

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I am a believer. Here's one thing I believe in. Beliefs are like roads we travel. There are too many to follow them all. Decisions have to be made.
Everyone has to build roads to get to other roads, but that's off topic. No, I mean the roads of belief. What we cling to and what we cast away.

It is in this moment that we determine our own mortality and the future of our existence as a species. There is no other moment, but the past and distant future for humanity, if we choose to lay down and die instead of taking the fight to every day. The warrior spirit within, it must find its' day.

... the experts such as the psychologists, psychiatrist and spiritual masters tell us. As we all try to comprehend their words of wisdom we read that It is not what happens, good and bad, it is how the individuals choose to perceive what is said to them or the curve balls life throws their way. Understandably most of us need a moment to process the message!

First of all "cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values" (from Wikipedia), and for the people who actually do think about conspiracy theories, it's really just a way of detecting lies. Because let's face it, humans can lie. A certain percentage of the population is just statistically going to lie a certain percentage of the time. And no matter how good and virtuous you may think you are, there's always going to be other people out there who don't care about goodness or virtue, who most certainly can and will lie to you if they think it'll benefit themselves or their group.

When speaking of evil there is also a direct reference to morality as an expression of good and bad, as well as to the conception of God. Consequently, an unfinished hard battle is being fought in the philosophical field that encompasses the religious between theists, agnostics, and atheists, I do not know if someone else escapes me, however, I believe that as long as evil exists the fight will not end, this It leads me to ask myself again, is it possible to eliminate evil?


Thanks for the spotlight! It's an honor to share a space among so many talented people! 😃

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Glad I found your post!

Me too! I'm always happy to share my work with a larger audience and share ideas with other open minded individuals.

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