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Welcome back to my philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. There were quite a nice deep dives to dig through this week and I could only pick five, but hopefully you guys will like them and maybe find some new writers to follow. Also, if you're awake late tonight (or whatever time it is for you in about 6 hours) feel free to join us for the philosophy talkshow on MSP Waves.

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The mind as an individual structure and independent universe is fed by the physical pictures visualized in the environment and affected by the intrinsic emotions developed by contact with others and/or experiences; the unconscious mind can be modified or reprogrammed to achieve better results and obtain the best version of itself. It is not overnight that you manage to change years of "permanent" information, but by being aware that it is possible and necessary to keep quality information in your unconscious mind you will have already taken the first big step.

I was thinking about it, and I think the ultimate goal of philosophy is self-knowledge, to know yourself, and this is because the most important knowledge of all is the knowledge of oneself, I mean, if you know physics or anything else, for example, that knowledge will be useful only when such knowledge of physics or the thing you know is required, which will only be sometimes, but if you know yourself, you will have knowledge that will always be useful to you, because whatever you do, on any occasion, you will always be you, and therefore, knowing yourself will be necessary and useful.

We subject ourselves to thoughts, and imaginations thinking of every possible worst outcome rather than hoping for the best. It is in our nature to be doubtful and untrusting and maybe it is part of our human nature. We are, after all, the descendants of hunter-gatherers who were always wary and doubtful and expected the worst and it has been passed on to the present human race as well.
So, instead of jumping between the problems, step aside and think and act coolly.

They are two concepts that undoubtedly share the same root but do not necessarily converge in the same sense. I wonder, can one be wise without knowledge? or vice versa, can one be knowledgeable without wisdom? At first glance, it seems somewhat tangled, and in fact, I am somewhat confused but willing to wander with the help of the means available on the net, knowingly taking only a few strokes in the depth of the matter.

Being human is the one thing we have in common. We are all humans sharing this one planet. When we forget about this and start treating people as sub-humans or some animated objects that don't have the same needs, feelings or hopes as us, the world can become a cold and sterile place with people isolated.


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