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Welcome back to my philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. It's been a very busy week with multiple projects launching and working to buidl on HIVE. There's always time for philosophy though and I'll be doing the show tonight unless there's some divine intervention that says nay. Anyway, let's look at what is going on in philosophy and psychology around the chain!

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Those who are mature, emotionally stable individuals, with clear self-image of identity, who respect themselves and others, do not have much difficulties with being PC and are not easy to offend.
But those who have unresolved issues about any part of identity are suffering more in relationships with others and can make others suffer.

It is an unfortunate truth that the power structures of the world have and still do stand in the way of global healing and a society built upon peace and love rather than fear and division.

So little made sense and yet, through it all moments of clarity began to slip in. We need the insanity of it all, so that we can really appreciate what we have, what it is, that is worth fighting for.

Binary thinking is so pervasive in our modern society, it is the rule to any debate, not the exception. Binary thinking is an black/white view of the world. It categorizes one side as right, moral, and just and the other side as wrong, immoral, and evil. It leaves no room for debate, no space for context, no place for nuance. It is the death of debate, the anti-thesis of civility, the end of rationality.

Time exists only in the mind
Never uttering a sound
Yet naught can escape
Its call to evolve
build, and decay


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