Clayboyn's Curation Corner 8/1/20

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Welcome back to my philosophy and psychology themed curation from around the blockchain. This week took quite a bit of digging, which I suppose is a good thing. On some level I'm glad that we retained mostly quality content creators which has been making the last couple of weeks pretty easy for curation, but on the other hand, the fact that there's a lot more posts to sort through now is making me a bit more bullish on HIVE. Anyway let's look at some awesome posts!

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Life has everything you need or want in it. The problem is that we can only perceive that which our sense and brain filters will perceive. In other words all that we wish for is already present, we simply need the correct perception of our internal and external reality and we will be able to access all that potential that exists.

We will never really understand who we are, unless we take the time to observe how we interact with others,with the world and with ourselves. Taking the time to observe our emotions, to sit with them, to acknowledge them and be grateful for what they have taught us.

Time has finally been framed as that finite, unreplenishable, extremely precious resource that you have always known it was. You realise though that you never really respected it enough in that sense before!

Wen i began to sketch this one, the idea was to portray in visual form this "special" mental programming, that society with all its vast programming aspects, its different tools and approaches, is able to implement in the vast majority of people. This is done in order to social engineer society, it aims to control the way people behave, by conditioning the response to stimulus, doing so in such a way that it leaves little space for the behavior mechanism in people to act outside the control of this program, by implementing this program the social engineers can then steer the masses, as they know all to well the mechanism.

We hardly reveal ourselves as a whole to most people, even close family members. This could be from the fear of our own thoughts and being labeled social outcasts. More often than nought, we're faced with a choice between full expression and social acceptance, many of us go for the later.


Thanks ever so much for the support and for bringing along a few more eyes to my work, it is hugely appreciated :)

Much appreciation, albeit delayed, from my side, for your promotion and interest. Keep up the great curating.

Thank you! @clayboyn for the mention and support.