PHC Top 3 Favorite Board Games {Another Trip Down Memory Lane!}

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Hey guys! Better late than never, this is my null entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest. Being on the panel, our choices don't get entered into the dpoll to decide the winners, but we love to join in on the fun and support the prize pool with sending in our post rewards. As usual, the entries so far are so awesome! You all never disappoint with the memories you share along with such fun picks. There are still a few days left to join in--either for the first time or as a returning contestant! Pop by our original July contest post for more information on how to enter!

I have to give a special shout out to the queen @traciyork who included classic commercials for her choices (make sure to check out hers and all the other entries for some great entertainment). I think it's a fab idea, so I'm going to include a few in my post here, as well. Advertisements are of course a great way to get people excited to go to the store and buy the games to play at home with their friends and family. A well-made ad gives you a good idea of game play in a quick clip. Of course the tag line to make the game memorable is what it's all about!

Though card games were king in our house (well, at least with my maternal grandmother), we did play plenty of board games as kids and into adulthood, too. My boyfriend and I still have plenty squirreled away in a cabinet as the picture above shows a few. Between holidays or snow days, sleepovers with friends, or a cabin weekend with couples as adults, I definitely had lots of fun memories to pull from. Though many of my top games have been mentioned by other entries already, there are still 3 different ones that I remember having a blast playing over and over again! Here are my picks for the month:

This months topic is BOARD GAMES

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Mall Madness

My Reasons for the Nomination

For a gal from the US growing up in the 80's and 90's, the mall was THE place to go hang out with friends on the weekends. Early on it was more trips with my mom chaperoning, but then as we got older we got dropped off or drove ourselves. Shoot, I even worked at the mall through most of college! So of course Mall Madness had to make my list. The game makes me cringe a little bit now as it's basically all about blind consumerism, but at the time we had a blast pretending to use our bank cards and pushing our game pieces along to the different stores! It had the electronic element telling you how much you got from the bank or which stores were having sales to be able to snag a good deal. My sisters and I always laughed that when the voice said sale at the "Kitchen Store" it always sounded like she was saying "Chitchen". Perhaps this is even more of a classic now as the shopping mall is a bit of a dying phenomenon here in the US.

Nomination Number Two

Scene It

My Reasons for the Nomination


I still own this game! Though it has been years since I played it, I think it is quite appropriate for our little Top 3 contest since it was all about movie trivia. Well, the edition we played was movies, but I think there have been multiple editions of the game now that cross all different genres from specific television shows to sports or other great trivia topics! This might have been the first game I had that used a DVD as part of the question prompts. It was all about answering questions based on popular movies--actors, plot, dates, or just about anything else you can think of. We really enjoyed playing it, though after a while you did start getting the same prompts making it easier to guess the answers. The DVD is missing in my box, but I would imagine I could find a version online now if we really wanted to break it out for some more fun. Especially since many of the movies on there now are real classics! Definitely a fun one if you like trivia games!


Nomination Number Three


My Reasons for the Nomination

Apparently this game has been around for 35 years! I can see why, as it is truly fun to play this with friends. My sister is actually really great at this one, as well, since she is quite good at the art of BS. 😝 The clip below gives a really good idea of what the game is all about. You each take turns being the "dasher" and reading out the topic of the round. All of the other players then have to come up with a definition--real if they happen to actually know it or made up. It is pretty much always some off the wall term or event that is really rare that anyone knows the answer to (though you do get points if you happen to know the real answer). Most of the fun is not only trying to come up with some really funny answer yourself, but then to listen or read out the answers from everyone else. The funnier the better in my circle of friends!

I hope you enjoyed my selections! I can't wait to see some more posts before the entry period ends on the 9th! We added a new referral bonus this month, as well, so make sure if you have entered previously to invite some new friends to join us!

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It's amazing all the different board games. I've heard of Balderdash, but never played it. I've never even heard of the other two! Anyway, here's my vote to contest rewards! Enjoyed reading you post.

So much fun to be had in many different ways! Reading all of yours and writing this up has me really wanting to plan a game night soon. :)

For the first time I hear about all three games. I wonder, are they in Russia already or not?

You know, I'm not sure. Balderdash has been around for so long, that there very well could be a Russian version, but the others might not have gotten that popular.

Hey @amalinavia

If you like the look of our contest then why not enter as well! We would love to see some Russian games in the line up. You have a few hours until the deadline and there are steem prizes to be won. Here is the main post

We even supply a post template to make it easier to enter. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We hope to see your entry.

The PHCTop3 Panel

How did I miss Mall Madness? LOL! I was dying over that commercial, @plantstoplanks - talk about bringing back memories! Although, fair disclosure - even though I was in high school in the 80s, I never owned a can of Aqua Net (though I did occasionally steal my sister's 😂). And I was so convinced that the actress in the middle was Jennifer Garner, I actually did some Googling. Turns out it's not her, but it doesn't lessen the awesomesauceness of it all!

Excellent choices all around, Katie! 😊

Isn't that one a hoot? I have a friend who wants it now because her mom wouldn't buy it for her when she was younger. Oh my gosh, my cousin was the queen of Aqua Net! She's about 7 or 8 years older than I am, but I still remember the caricature hanging on the wall of her spraying her huge hair with the Aqua Net can! I'll be curious to start watching the latest season of Stranger Things as I've heard they are laying on the 80's references even thicker for this season! Lots of fun to jog the brain and see what falls out of the memory bank. :)

OMG, I remember those caricature kiosks at.... the mall, of course! LOL! What a perfect 80s thing for your cousin to have! I'm looking forward to Stranger Things season 3 as well - just the previews look wicked 80s-ish. The only reason hubby & I haven't started watching S3 yet is because we know once we start, we'll end up binging, and things are a bit too hectic this week to do so.

I'll catch up with you again and compare notes once we're both watched it. 😊

I won't share any spoilers, but I just realized today that the mall in Stranger Things was filmed at one of our local malls. I don't know why it didn't click before since I knew they filmed here! I can't wait until you see it!

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Great choices P2P. Mall Madness is hilarious. Teaching kids to buy stuff with a credit card! lol. Scene It is very cool. My brother has a Start Wars edition. I've never played Balderdash but Jayne had it and gives it the thumbs up.


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Isn't that one hilarious? I almost forgot about it, but it really was one that we wore out as kids! Kind of silly to play at shopping in the mall, but I suppose it's useful like many of the other shopping games to teach you how to budget and some other math and strategy skills. I think you would enjoy Balderdash if you got your hands on it @cheese4ead. It's been years since I played it, but it is one I would definitely break out again if I had it!