PHC Top 3 August 2019 Contest Road Trip Songs- Winners Announcement

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Another round of the Top 3 fun is coming to a close! As usual, the last order of business for the month is sharing which picks out of our awesome entries topped the “charts” for the round.

We very much enjoyed jamming out with the windows down to all of the great road trip songs our entrants shared for the August theme. The tracks spanned all different generations and genres, coming together for one ultimate playlist for an epic trip. We all found some new selections to add to our personal playlists thanks to the creative entries! Music is definitely a medium that can bring us all together, and we are very thankful for the growing community that continues to join us for this contest each month. You all rock!

Of course, we would like to once again thank @curie for increasing their sponsorship this month up to an amazing 40 extra Steem for prizes on top of the prize pool created by entry fees! This means not only the top 3 reap the rewards, but the top 5 will receive a split of the generous contribution from @curie. We are so grateful for the support for this and next month and hope it continues in future contests.


Without further ado, it is time to present our winners for this round. Using dpoll, we let you, the audience, vote for your favorites thus giving us the ultimate results! We then assign points to those voting positions and add up the three nominations for each contestant to make a final league table.

Here is the final league table:

August PHCTop3.jpg

1st place @erixink

Link to post - Entry fee paid $0.43 Prize $5.17 Plus 15 Steem

2nd place @dksart

Link to post - Entry fee paid $0.11 Prize $0.88 Plus 10 Steem

3rd place @theunderbaker

Link to post - Entry fee paid $0.50 Prize $2.01 Plus 7 Steem

4th place @mono.rosado

Link to post Prize 5 Steem

5th place @fmbs25

Link to post Prize 3 Steem

Congratulations to the winners for the excellent nominations and winning this month’s contest round ! Be sure to check your wallets as the prize payouts will be with you shortly!

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How does the prize payout work?

We have utilised some clever mathematicians all over the world to come up with a mathematically fair way of paying out. The payout is based on three things, the total prize pool, your final placing and your entry fee.

Why did second place win more than me?

This is possible. For instance, if the 1st place prize winner only paid a $0.50 entry fee but the 2nd place prize winner paid a $5.00 entry fee. That is a difference of x10 the amount and will be reflected in the final payout. Everybody has a chance to win an amount based off of their entry fee.

What are the percentages of payout based on the winning positions?

In the scenario that the three prize positions have all paid the same entry fee then the distribution of the prize pool would be so: 1st 50%, 2nd 33.3% and 3rd 16.6%.

The Frequently Asked Questions are here: FAQ Link

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

A huge thank you to @jaynie for her huge support and artwork, making our contest look mighty fine and classy.

Such thanks should also be given to our delegators; @steemitbloggers, @thekitchenfairy, @crypt0wid0w, @mono.rosado, @blueeyes8960, @jayna, @joanstewart, @traciyork, @tryskele, @fionasfavourites, @nickyhavey, @plantstoplanks, @foxyspirit, @cheese4ead.

We appreciate this immense generosity!!

Why delegate to the PHC Top 3?

The more delegations we receive the better our upvote will be. The more support we can give our contestants the bigger the prize pool.

Also, all those that delegate to the PHC Top 3 account will receive delegator support. @phctop3 will upvote your posts up to 2 times a day, every day.

This will happen between the 9th of each month and the end of each month. This is in order to reward our delegators and to show our gratitude. Delegators will also get a mention on our official posts.

If you would like to delegate to the @phctop3, click one of the links below to delegate that amount of SP to our account.

Thanks for entering this month’s contest. We hope you had fun. Don’t forget to check for the Contest Start Post for next month’s competition on the 1st of June. We’ll also be launching a new referral bonus scheme so watch this space! text16.png

PHC Top 3 Panel

Delegate to @phctop3:


Current delegators

@jayna @nickyhavey
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Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to every one who participated in the contest this month!

We should definitely make a Playlist with all these songs on! Happy memories!

Very much looking forward to the next month now!

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Excellent job everyone! We really couldn't be happier with all of the great posts you all bring to the contest! Looking forward to the sixth month coming soon!

Congrats to all the winners! Can't wait to see what the next awesomesauce @phctop3 contest will be!

We can't wait to get it out to you juju lady! Exciting times!

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Okay, @phctop3 better dial down the awesomesauceness of their contests, before you end up breaking the blockchain every month! 😉 😂

lmao! 😂


Hahaha our bad, we were responsible for HF21 and 22 but now steem's all upgraded to be able to cope, we should be set... until the next contest ;)

Awesome, thanks! Sail for the win ;)

Such a good track. Reminds me of skiing! 😁

I’m so honored & humbled. There were a bunch of amazing entries that I enjoyed reading. This is my favorite contest on SteemIt. I love to write, I just rarely have a reason to. @pchtop3 gives a great reason & awesome prompts. I can’t wait till next months contest.


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I couldn't have said it better @erixink 😁

Well done.

Thanks so much for the amazing feedback and for joining in! Hope to see you for September's edition!

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Great job everyone!! Congratulations winners!!

Thanks for entering last month! New contest post coming very soon!

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Another great month over and done with. Congratulations to everyone who entered on some fantastic nominations and well done to the top 5.