My Top 3 Favourite Road Trip Songs (1 Day Left To Enter The Contest!)

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So get involved in this month's contest which is all about your Top 3 Road Trip Songs!

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Nicky Havey's Top 3 Road Trip Songs

Now, I was travelling around Australia and New Zealand for 3 months earlier this year, I covered 57,000km in total and I did a LOT of driving around both those countries, which meant I went through quite a lot of tunes on that trip but 3 will stand out for me as emotional memory grabbers from this unforgettable trip. Here we go!

1 - Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

This has to be at the number one spot for me because I heard it a lot on the Australian radio during various travels whether it was from Melbourne to Grampians, to the Great Ocean Road, Wilson's Promontory or going through the Outback. I'll always remember the Australian adventure because of this song, driving through the highways with the Sun shining bright - I'm not forgetting this trip ever!

2 - High Contrast - Lovesick

"I'd like to talk about love, something that everybody can understand, it's a universal language, it's the worlds oldest language"

This was one of my road trip songs as I was on the adventure tour through New Zealand with my Dobblers tribe ;) I wanted to educate the folks about Liquid Drum & Bass so I turned to my favourite feel good Drum & Bass track that I've ever heard from High Contrast. I was sitting on the front seat admiring the views as this one shuffled on random when we were going through the south island, watching the mountains go by. Some people who were in to their electronic music never heard this before and I think it changed their perception of Drum & Bass as they enjoyed it too. It's a shame it's all got a bit "speed pop" but there are some great tracks out there still on the Underground music scene. So Lovesick makes it to my number 2 spot.

3 - Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World

Another track I requested during the adventure tour I went on through the Outback was this unforgettable one from Louis Armstrong called Wonderful World. This was my Nan's favourite song and every time I hear it, it reminds me of her. And every time I hear it, I end up crying, even now as I write this. When it came on as we were driving through the Outback, it was no different. Thankfully I was at the front passenger side of the minibus and there were tissues near by as it was not a pretty sight! I knew she was watching over me, keeping me safe and even though she has moved on from this world, this song will be our connection. When you travel to see the natural beauty this world has to offer us... what a wonderful world :')

So there you have it, my top 3 choices for this month's topic. However, I'm not allowed to enter the contest and neither are the other panel members so any liquid amount I get from this post payout will contribute to the Prize Pool!

What are your Top 3 Road Trip songs then?

Check out how to enter here and I look forward to reading and listening all of your road trip songs!



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Well gosh darn, you got me just about choked up about your Nan, as well. I can't ever let anyone cry alone, so if you ever need someone to distract everyone from your ugly tears just call me over. ;) Just a beautiful song, and a wonderful way to remember what I'm sure was one fine lady. Your first choice is just a classic. Love that it will forever bring you back to such a cool time in your life. The middle one is of course something I've never heard, but I can get into it. It's definitely fun to have people with different musical tastes on a road trip with you so you can find new music you might not otherwise have explored!

Haha you'll be the first person I'll contact Katie! Thanks for the support. Yea she was a good woman, dementia started gripping her for the final 7 years of her life but she wasn't beaten by it. A strong woman and can see that's where my mum gets it from.

Thanks for listening to these songs my friend! Don't you forget about me is such an anthem but I heard some tunes from the travel group that I wouldn't have considered before which is always good

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Mec!! You got us girls All heartfelt!!! 💙💙💙💙

I can see that your trip had an amazing impact on you and for that j am grateful that you have that experience.

Your nan is always with you to give you guidance and protection ☺️ it is a wonderful world with skies of blue and clouds of white 💙

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You'll set me off again with your warming words meuf 🙂 sigh it's just the perfect song and if you watch some of the live performance videos, Louis is always smiling. Like we should be in this wonderful world

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I've seen a live video of him and yes his smile is just glowing!

Once we break through the mentality that people can hold and have our great connections and connect with nature, then we can truly see just how great it is. It's just beautiful. Hugs my friend. 🤗

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I haven't entered because although I've made lots of long distance driving trips in my lifetime, I realize that I've never incorporated road trip songs into them. As such, I have zero favorite road trip songs. I guess I could make a post of just some of my favorite songs period, but that's not what's being requested.

As far as true road trip songs go, I only know of one anyway - the 99 bottles of beer song which, when we had an away HS football game, we'd sing on the way to the game on the bus, and if we won, also on the way back!

Well, you still have a day to get involved and I'm sure you can rattle 3 songs off that you listened to when you were driving long distance that made you sing at the top of your voice?! 😁

Haha well you have one song to get you going, now just another 2 😉

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Alright, but I'll have to make a stipulation in the post. :)

Haha OK, looking forward to reading it 😁

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It is posted for all posterity. LOL

Haha there we go! Knew you could do it 😁

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Road trio songs awesome, most of my toad trips tend to involve Jax Jones either live recordings or playlists / beats one shows - I love his eclectic mix of house music which always seem to include classics from my youth. !COFFEEA 15

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Well, quick quick, you have a couple of hours left to get an entry in for the contest! Would love to hear more about your road trips 😁

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One and three: oh yeah! Two: I must come back and listen to

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Two is my favourite genre of music, it's of course Liquid Drum and Bass. Fast beat, smooth sounds with a chilled out feel to it and often uses samples from older tunes to spread a message (at least that's what the older generation of dnb was. Nowadays it seems to just be speed pop which is "bleurgh" for me but that's the way the genre moved so far. I might be out of touch with it though.

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Wow sir nickyhavey I actually know one of these songs, Wonderful World of course. A little too sappy for one as cold-blooded as I am but still, I know it! That's pretty cool. I feel like we finally have something in common don't you? lol.

Look at you in the League standings too. Now I can call you a big mouth and it'll be a compliment!

Hey Lord Janton, yes it's a beautiful song and Louis was always smiling in his live performance of it. Haha, it's taken us nearly a year but we may have found a common ground! That and the fluff pieces of course!

Haha I'm no match for the omnipresent Lord Chaton though. You could spend half your time on here and still smack everyone out the park on that engagement league.

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Sir nickyhavey, is Blues a popular music genre over there? I think it fits being as there are so many depressing people there! Have you seen videos of Loui Armstrong singing that song? I guess I need to check youtube. But anyway, yes I must grudingly admit that the world should adopt that song as their theme song. lol.

I believe it is with the older generation but that genre is not my forte so couldn't tell you. Yes have a look on YouTube for him singing it live, you never know, it might give your cold, black heart something to get warm about lol

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lol! well it's worth a try! lol.