PHC Top 3 contest!! Food Food and more Food!!!!

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It is November which means a new month for the @phctop3 contest. The panel members, @plantstoplanks @cheese4ead @nickyhavey and I work hard every month to keep this contest going in top notch.

Now, I know this month is gonna get you wanting to dive in as the cravings start to kick in as we are talking comfort foods! Who doesn't love comfort foods?

All you have to do, and trust me this is simple, is write a post about your favorite 3 comfort foods. Use the tag #phctop3 so we can find your post with ease and voila. Wanna know what's in it for you? Click on the link, it brings you to the original contest post and you get to see the bonus that's included.

Before I start sharing my favs, I want to make sure you all know that my list does not get put in the contest. This post is to encourage the contest, thus half the proceeds get put in prize pool for someone to win. The more there is, the more you can win... (I highly encourage you to try the contest at least once!)

My top 3


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Muffins! Oh the smell of baked muffins. Chocolate chip, apple, fruit explosion, carrot, banana, any kind of muffin I will take. Warm it up, split it half and spread a bit of butter on it. Have it coffee or tea and it will just make your belly.... Let's just say happy.. and forget about the rest.


Grilled Cheese.

Ok not the best pic I took but let me explain.

You got bread (better when it's fancier than what you see above so just use your imagination here), you got cheddar cheese, some bacon, apples and hickory BBQ sauce? What?

Hell yes!! It's fall here baby and I want some damn good fall food. For breakfast, or lunch this yummy sandwich leaves you drooling as you eat it. Well it does for me. The flavors blend so well the sweetness from the apple pairs with the cheese, the salt from the bacon counters the sugar from the apples, the sauce makes it all tie together better than ketchup with a regular flat grilled cheese. Oh yeah, it sticks to your ribs.


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Turkey dinner duuuuude!

Woah! Wait.. wait wait wait. That's too much stuff on that plate, I could never eat all that. I'll just take the best items on that plate.

The stuffing for sure, uuum, oh the turkey, duh. No bread, no sausage, no corn and peas, no potatoes... Oh wait, is that sweet potato? Ya leave that, I'll take all of it please and then the cranberry. Omg the cranberry is a must on that turkey!!! Now leave me be with my food as I sit on the couch and watch some none Christmas movie because it's only November!!

I need a forth in here. Can I have a 4th? Well since I'm a panel member, I get to say yes... They don't count anyways 😛

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Heck ya salad!

Fruits, nuts, veggies, vinaigrette, like there is nothing I can't put in a salad. I absolutely love having avocado, cashews, red onions and anything else that can make my belly sing. And that's why salad is a comfort food for me. It makes me feel good, the medley of flavors in one bite, there's just something about it that makes my soul happy. Throw a blanket over my legs and give me a huge bowl of salad and I will be living the highlife. It is comforting to know that something so yummy can be so good for the body and soul. Shh I know it's not an actual comfort food, but I'd rather this than poutine, that's huge because I'm a Frenchie lol.

Ugh stop talking about food now. I'm gaining weight just thinking of it.

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Haha! Yes Foxy! Turkey dinner, I'll have the rest of what you don't eat... and actually, I'll have it all, if it's in front of me I'll eat it! Muffins to wash it all down with, get that sweet tooth indulged and then grilled cheese in the morning for breakfast... although it does look like you've already half eaten it from the photo? :D

Massive month already and we're only half way through submission week!


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Haha @nickyhavey!! It seems like we would have a feast!!

Hahaha yep, for sure! There wouldn't be anything left to do except to buy a bigger pair of trousers 😀

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Oh now there are some good choices! I, in fact, even had a grilled cheese for lunch today. It did not have apples, though - I have never before even thought about apples in a grilled cheese - but I think I can envision it's numminess! And if you put a grilled cheese inside sweet Hawaiian bread... mmmm...

Never had Hawaiian bread before. But many different types of bread can be awesome for a grilled cheese.

Btw it was my breakfast lol. That crunchiness and melted cheese mmmmmmmm!

Happy you like my choices. Are you hungry yet?? 😝 Completely dismissing the fact you had lunch already

Haha, undoubtedly I'll end up getting hungry again! I've got all those ingredients already, so I think I'm already planning out lunch tomorrow!

Woohoo! Lol

oooooooh I think I might just jump on board this one!!!! ;)

I hope you do! You have a mean skill with food.

Yaassss!!! Too much fun not to. 😉

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Nice choices. I think I am going to try to actually participate this month. I know I always say that, but I think I am going to really going to do it this time :) Might not be until Thursday though!

That would be awesome! And not only do we bring a contest to the table, you guys bring ideas to the kitchen! Show me the food! 😝

Plenty of time to join us this round @bozz!

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Muffins....yessss! I can pound some muffins. If I make a batch I usually eat more than my share before my BF can get to them. Now I'm craving Thanksgiving dinner, too. So much good food going around this month;

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You and I both on th muffins. Let's not talk about my muffin top though....😆

Thanksgiving is coming up for you guys in the states. When is it exactly?

It's November 28th this year. Always the 4th Thursday of the month so the actual date varies each year. Not too far away!

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With pleasure!

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Nice picks, I never heard of apple on grilled cheese before. I may have to give that a try. I have only ate it with Cheese and Bacon and the odd time some ham.

Yummy choices and you should definitely not stop thinking about it

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much!!! xxx

My mouth is watering. That toasted cheese! I love a turkey roast - with all the trimmings. As for your fourth: as you might see, I snuck in salad, too!

Lady, let's have salad and wine together!

Name the date!

Muffins are always a good choice for a quick bite. Thanks for the idea of apples in the grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is always a great standby and I’ll try it with the apples next time. 😊

You're welcome!