My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest: Road Trip Contest!

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Road Trip!!

Road trips isn't something I get to do often with the kids. Actually, just traveling to the next town over seems like a mini road trip. But when we do go, as a parent and traveling with the kids, I have to make it enjoyable and make it an illusion so it doesn't seem like the traveling is the longest thing in the world, hoping to avoid the never ending "are we there yet". (Although I usually just answer that with, "I dunno, is the car parked and we're getting out?" "No" "Then drop it because we aren't there yet!")

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No 1
Once a year (This is going to be my 3rd year) I bring the kids to the Jocko Point Nipissing Pow Wow. It is the time of year that I am always extremely excited for. The grandmother drum banging strong in our hearts, the singing making our spirits dance, the regalia showing how beautiful each tribe is and that it is to be honored for its duty for healing, waking up the earth or sharing a story and prayer. So when we go, I get the kids all excited when we get close. It takes us 3.5 hrs to get there so the last hour, I crank up the volume and play this song and the kids just go crazy! Heads bobbing arms moving, bodies bouncing and feet tapping to the drum. I love it! This is why this track is my number 1 for road trips.

No 2

This is the one that usually follows the first one during the same road trip. I especially wanted to show you this as you get a sneak peak view of a Pow Wow. Love how strong this beat is and the style I think goes hand in hand with the first one. Another one of the kids favorite as well.
No 3
Now from time to time I do enjoy getting out on my own. Whether it be for walks, hikes, sitting by the water stream or even driving to do errands, and when that occasion strikes, I take full advantage of my time and I listen to the music that takes the other half of me. When driving, this is one track I play to the fullest! I even sing along and thank god no one is there to shut it off cause my singing, especially this style, would break some ears. Now before you say this is horrible music, I say first understand it. Now if you can't understand it, look up the lyrics and find the meaning to the song. This is one group of musicians that can really come up with things that need to be heard. Well, heard loud in this case :p But it brings power to the lyrics, it gives the feeling that he is trying to give off. Dani Filth, even though there are some that don't like him, is a very talented person with his vocals, from deep sounds to high pitch and a mean rawr. I love it! And the guitar riffs and, and, and, it just comes to get you! ♪ Tonight in flames, tonight the world will fear our names. Tonight in flaaaaaaaaaaaames, stay my feeble heart. Our deaths will be the start of something glorious and vain. Tonight in FLAAAAAAAAAAAAMES! Ner nenenerrr nener ner ner nenenerrr 🎸


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I'd like to go on a road trip, everywhere, and nowhere

Those are the best times

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I'm going to pop over and listen to these when the house is quiet....

Cool, let me know what you think.

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Wow! I'll start with number 3: I could so have danced to that 20 years ago! I probably would again - in a club lol. None of those here and not my style anymore... The first two I found absolutely fascinating - I've never heard any contemporary First Nations music. I love the rhythm and the beat. I'm so glad I made a point of coming back to this post :D

Well I'm glad you did come back!

You know I can see you rocking out to that style, I knew you had that inner darkness hidden in you 😜 haha I guess that's why you are my friend 😉 one many reasons I assure you lol.

The other two I just love! They will always be on my playlist. If I find more, I'll share it with ya! Thanks for coming by!

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Hello @foxyspirit, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Meuf!! I'm just catching up and logging this one in to the spreadsheet, just caught you before the old post payout happened! Yes!

Damn, that first one had me in a tribal like trance, very powerful combination of electronic sounds and tribal moves, great choice, can see how it pumps you and the kids up! And then the second one is even more dramatic, can feel the spirituality with it all and feels like we're going in to battle!

Then we're in the heat of battle with the final road trip. Wow, I feel like I've just barely escaped from war haha. Can just see that little foxyspirit screaming her lungs out at this one!

Thanks for sharing your tunes here meuf!

Good timing!

I'm glad you liked and actually love what you are saying here with reason. The first one is for getting ready for battle. So you are on point!

I do like a variety of music and I am happy to share it 😁

Oh I just realized!! I didn't log in the panels entries!!!! Hahah only did the others! Oops. See that's what you get for making complicated spreadsheets 🤣🤣 actually they are great spreadsheets.

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I know, I'm just a master of good timing haha!

I can see the big variety in musical taste you have and that shows open mindedness, particularly if you like my dross that I upload 😂

Don't worry, I tidied up after you on the simple spreadsheet, you're all logged in 😁 in all seriousness, I got confused when I opened up the current spreadsheet vs the new look spreadsheet.

I've seen oldsteem vs newsteem well this is oldtop3 vs newtop3 where complex spreadsheets become a thing of the past 😀

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