PHC Top 3 Contest! This has been the best of all, Food and the best!

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Comfort food? Oh yes! Thinking about comfort food for me simply leads me to remember my grandmother, and my childhood at her side, no doubt before she left these dates for me were the best, remember her sweets and desserts, her delicious Christmas food, oh my God, the black roast my father loves so much, the baked pork, wow, I just realized that I always think about food, Is that why I never manage to lose the pounds I have more?

Have you noticed that usually on holidays everything is based on food? I remember that in the university when November arrived we were already thinking about what we would do for the Christmas dinner, that in general there were always two dinners, one on December 21st and the other on the 24th, after graduating from the office everyone thought about the same thing, and not to mention at home, here since October we are already planning how the Christmas dinner and the New Year's Eve will be, this way it is not possible, I will never lose weight!

Anyway, this month my beloved @phctop3 guys have created a new top, and this one I love since I read it, food, food and more food, I think I'll end up eating the monitor reading the entries of some of the participants, because each one puts something more delicious than the previous one, I think the competition will last this month. But this is my entry into this month's PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Comfort Food

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Hot Chocolate

My Reasons for the Nomination

Chocolate is by far one of my main favorites when we talk about food (now they realize why we don't lose weight), but when we talk about comfort, a delicious cup of hot chocolate with a touch of cinnamon and some good cookies or soft company bread, is able to lift the spirits of the most depressed, your couple of years may have left you in the morning, but you drink a cup of hot chocolate and your soul is renewed, you give meaning to your life hahaha. I remember that my mother scolded me for some mischief and after so much crying my dear grandmother Pancha consoled me with one of these, all my sorrows were forgotten, not to mention the rainy afternoons, this is the best for those days.

Nomination Number Two

Chicken Soup

My Reasons for the Nomination

The chicken soup is really a gift from the Gods, able to lift the spirits of anyone on rainy days, one of the best remedies for the flu and general malaise, the truth is that a good chicken soup is also used to soothe the discomforts of the hangover, so that is one of my favorites for the holidays, after a party you have to recharge your batteries, and this is certainly one of the best options.

Nomination Number Three

Hamburgers - Rich and delicious hamburgers

My Reasons for the Nomination

The hamburgers are always the favorite at home, are a reason for meeting (to eat them, because they always leave me alone in the kitchen), I love to prepare but I love even more to eat them, the great thing about them is that you can add whatever you want, sauces, dressings, vegetables, and even several types of meat, although my favorites are vegan, any hamburger for me is fine, We get together to chat, tell jokes, tell our misadventures and adventures, while we are building our burgers and enjoying them, after all this is about comfort food, the one that makes us feel better, at ease and that makes our spirits rise.

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Hey @fmbs25

Nice choices. I love a good burger. Hot chocolate is a get choice for comfort food especially in the cold, as is chicken soup.

Good luck with the contest.


Please refrain from eating the monitor! It may cause indigestion 😛

A hot chocolate on a cold winter day by the fire. Always warms the soul and so does chicken soup! A fixer upper to any problems that ales the body.

I haven't had a good juicy burger in a long time. Cooked just right and brings a truck load of flavours... I'm drooling

Hi, @fmbs25!

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And hot chocolate needs marshmallows! Lots and lots of and lots of marshmallows. Mmmmm. Around an open fire when snowing. Even better!

I had never heard about chicken soup as a cure for a hangover! Not that I'd ever have a need... no...

Food and family--forever intertwined! My sisters, mother and I have all been texting to develop our Thanksgiving meal this week, though it is still 3 weeks away. I'm sure right after we'll have Christmas dinner planned, as well! Always so much fun this time of year. Though I do admit I try to bring some healthier stuff to the table along with the goodies, haha. A cup of cocoa sounds delicious right about now! Love the memory that it evokes, as well. Excellent choices all around and so happy you joined us again!

All awesome and delicious choices :)

Wonderful choices, @fmbs25! Good luck in the contest.

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So awesome to see you join us for another round! These are fantastic choices for the dpoll. Good luck!


great comfort foods 🍔


Hot chocolate with cinnamon? That sounds delicious. Don't take it personally, but you can keep the chicken soup - I have a story about that - another time. Nothing beats a really good burger, though!

Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)


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