My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Road Trip Songs

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This is my entry into this month's PHC Top 3 contest

Travelling is one of the things I simply enjoy doing, although I certainly have a long time that I don't do it, hell, making this publication and looking for the songs that best fit my selection, I got a huge desire to take a long vacation, with a few good hours of road travel, I think...

This months topic is Road Trip Songs

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

blue swede - hooked on a feeling

My Reasons for the Nomination

This song undoubtedly reminds me of those car trips with my parents when I was still little, and even after many years is still one of my favorites and has to be mandatory in my playlist when it comes to a trip, the classics are definitely mine, even when it is not my language I usually listen to songs in English.

Nomination Number Two

Bob Marley - Three little birds

My Reasons for the Nomination

A few years ago (10 at least), one of my best friends invited me to work with him supervising civil works throughout the country, which involved traveling a lot, at least 20 hours a week we spent on the road, waking up at 3:00 am even some days to arrive on time at our destination. We always began the journey listening to the great King Bob Marley,

Nomination Number Three

Pharrell Williams - Happy

My Reasons for the Nomination

This song is not very old, however they have already made it a classic, and is unavoidable in my travels, is a song that conveys joy, its name says it, invites you to dance, so you can imagine me moving from one side to the other in the car while I listen and I sing with my bad English hahaha, after all we must always be in good spirits, and certainly this injected any trip a good dose.

And you, tell me, what's your Top 3 of Songs for road travel?

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What a great way to start the day! All very good selections, and you introduced me to something I've never heard before. I'd never heard "Happy" before. Awesome dance song, and road tripping too. :-)

I'm glad you liked them! They're even great for cheering us up when we're at home, sometimes I use them when it's time to clean up!

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Excellent choices

These are all fantastic! I think I'm going to have to add them to my next travel playlist, as well. Bob Marley isn't one I think to listen to often, but I enjoy so much of his work. The Blue Swede song is a total feel good classic, as well. And you definitely can't not be Happy for your last choice! I've got a big smile on my face as I listen to all of them, so thank you for such a wonderful entry and good vibes!

First two selected I thoroughly enjoyed listening to again, the third I had never heard before, all in all a nice selection of travel music, good luck in the contest @fmbs25

Yep! Good songs the first two and a new one for me the third one.
I am more of a classic rock man when I travel.

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Ooga ooga ooga chaka, ooga ooga ooga chaka! So that's where it's from. I heard it off the muppets one time and I recognized it but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know after all this time. Thank you for that!

Always gotta have some Bob Marley in our playlists eh! And because I'm happy I gotta dance my way through these songs!

~ FS

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It's so good that I passed on to you how happy it feels! See you at the dpoll

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Oh, I'm so sorry, I've been sick and I've gone too far, I just made the down payment, I'm going to the dpoll! Thanks for reminding me!

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