My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Road Trip Songs

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My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Road Trip Songs

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• This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

• This months topic is: Road Trip Songs

My Nominations are:

Nomination #1

‘Take On Me’ by a-ha

My Reasons:

Being a child of the 80’s I feel a natural fondness for that decades popular music. I have an 8yr old autistic step-son & because of his sensory issues he doesn’t like very much music, and especially at no audible volume. One day I was taking him to lunch to give my wife a break. We got in the car, I started it, & my 80’s CD was playing. I went to turn it off & noticed he was bobbing his head & tapping. I let this continue till the end of the song & then asked if he liked that song. He flashed a heartwarming smile & replied “YEAH!”. I barely had time to react before he said “I wanna do it again!!”. The following week he nearly drove my wife & I crazy listening to it on repeat everywhere we went. It wasn’t long before he knew all the words & was singing along. He has trouble with language so when he does this it chokes both of us up with joy. Coincidentally, this past week we had to go on a road trip from South Georgia to Tennessee for her brothers memorial. This was one of the songs we listened to more than a few times. My wife & I have long since burned out on the song but we will never get tired of hearing him sing & seeing that glowing smile.😃

Nomination #2

“Turn The Page” by Bob Seger

My Reasons:

This one is a little shorter but no less important. My father & I didn’t have a great relationship when I was growing up. We saw eye to eye on almost nothing (We still don’t that much). He listened to almost nothing but Country & Western music. I was never a fan but by around age 8 I completely abhorred it, especially on road trips. Occasionally, and only on road trips he would change it up & put on classic rock. “Turn the Page” was one of the few songs he would turn up and sing along to. As time moved forward we all would sing along. It became the only song that we all enjoyed & it would bring the family together. I still sing along when it comes on the radio. 📻

Nomination #3

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

WARNING: This Song Is A Voracious Earwig. Listen At Your Own Risk.

My Reasons:

Besides just being a fun & catchy song, this one peculiarly became meaningful to my wife & I. When I was first courting her we were in a semi-long distance relationship (we met online). We lived close enough to where I would see her about once every week or two. As we fell harder for one another, the distance seemed unbearable at times. One day I walked by a shop & this song, which I hadn’t heard in years, was playing. I only heard it for a second yet it got stuck in my head. After days of hearing it my mind I was telling my wife about it & she said “Oh my god, I love that song!!”. The power it had to get stuck became an inside joke for us. Contemporaneously, it also described the state of our relationship. Eventually, we both fully embraced its catchiness & it has joined the likes of “Unchained Melody” & “Take My Breath Away” as one of our songs.❣️


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That is a heart warming story about Aha - Take On Me! Wow, I like the song as well, it's a classic but yea, even I would go insane if I heard it constantly haha! Lovely effect it had on your step-son.

Turn the Page - has that classic road trip feel to it, glad it helped you connect with your dad as well. Music has a great power to do that :)

Haha the Proclaimers! Was waiting to see this one come in and here it is! You're right, it is an ear worm for sure! Always takes me back to Uni days personally, every night out wouldn't be complete without this one coming on!

Thanks for entering the contest, good luck!

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The PHC Top 3 Team

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I don't know which I enjoy more--your song choices or the stories to go with them! Thank you so much for joining us again with such a great entry. I definitely can always go for some '80's music in the car. So many catchy songs that you just can't help bobbing your head to. What a moment to have that connection with your stepson, as well. Music really is a powerful thing. I really like your last choice, and loved the movie Benny & Joon! One of my favorite bands has a beautiful cover of that song. I'll leave it here in case you haven't heard it before.

Yeah I dig these contests. Such a simple concept yet it yields some of the most amazing entries. I love to write when I have the time. I can go on about almost any subject. My wife loves “Benny & Joon” too. I’ve heard the Sleeping at last version. Definitely adds another layer to the song. Imagine Dragons also did a pretty good cover as well. Link Here:

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Oh cool. I hadn't heard the Imagine Dragons one yet!

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I just loved your choices! And the meaning behind them are just so joy filled moments. I can just feel the emotions you both must have felt with the first song, I got a lump in my throat when reading it!
Thank you for taking the time in taking part of this contest and sharing with us some very special songs!

~ FS

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