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Under most circumstances, I could stop at the cover image and this contender will be first place in trending. However, the title says Keepin’ it in The Spirit Of Things and just because I gave myself one thumb blister, ruined a screen protector, and spent more time on the cover image than I do any of my super short comments doesn’t mean that cover image is gonna cut the cheese it. Have you seen the things @zord189 does on the regular? Dude does this stuff in his sleep—no blisters or anything! So, I better not stop at the cover image but I will stop patting myself on the back now (for now) and say “pull up a chair—welcome to @foodfightfriday!”

If you haven’t heard of The Coolest Kitchen On The Blockchain yet, you’re probably new to the blockchain, we’ll let it slide this time. And, if you haven’t heard of #powerhousecreatives yet, that would mean you don’t know who @jaynie is and I call Bullshiiiiii poop on that one—oh, poop, speaking of poop! #funny story right quick (because I’ve never told a long story ever) that doesn’t have anything to do with spelling poop sdrawkcab backwards, either, and then I’ll get back to this contender.

2008—I’m factoring load calculations at City Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was there about a year that time. A buddy of mine and I peddled our bicycles to and from the job site every day and, every day, we’d pass the same house with the same for sale sign in the front yard—it had a Pool.

Make that two blisters!

The “L” in Pool was lower case and I kept saying “dude, one of these days I’m gonna change that L to a P.” Well, one day between that for sale sign and the job site, we stopped by a Target department store and I bought a red paint pen. Long story short (because all of my stories are short, we just went over this), they didn’t notice their #new sign for about a week:

And one dead battery!

No, really, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life, ever and, by all accounts, I’m actually an angel with an infinite wing span soaring over all things worldly including, but not limited to, trespassing and vandalism. 🙏🏻 😇 Ok, I swear promise there’s a contender in here somewhere. 🤔

So, my second favorite plant and first favorite defuser devotes a lot of her time toward these top three things. The ones we all see resteemed in our feeds like top 3 movies, top 3 holidays, top 3 drinks, top 3 fingernail colors, top 3 pick-up lines, top 3 sports teams, top 3 phone accessories, top 3... you get this picture. There’s quite a few of our favorite authors involved in it and, seeing how I’ve already name dropped a couple of them, what’s a few more, right? @foxyspirit, @cheese4ead, @nickyhavey, yup, even you, Nicky—I’ll get you to visit my page one way or the other. 👍🏿 Well, when I saw the opportunity to show some #steemitblogger support—disappointing wasn’t an option.

Eh, you know how @plantstoplanks pictures the majority of her food, right? How she holds a blue bowl/plate with her left hand and gives us a sneak peak of that little Infiniti tattoo she has on her wrist, know what I’m talking about? Like this article here—scroll down to the last image. I don’t have an Infiniti sign on my wrist, that would be extremely bizarre if I did, but I do have a cassette tape ribbon that runs across the bottom of my left wrist and that’s close enough!

Keepin’ it in The Spirit Of Things:

Mediterranean roasted vegetables and grilled sweet potatoes over farm fresh arugula.


Keepin’ it in The Spirit Of Things:

Fresh arugula mix with fresh tomatoes, roasted onions and potatoes over rainbow fusilli pasta, topped with real feta—not that scientific dairy stuff they sell in the supermarkets back home. Actual feta because when you’re in Greece, do as the Greeks do.


Like looking at your own phone or what, Plants? 😉

One more—dessert. Because this isn’t “whats your top 2?” We’ve never seen anything top 2 resteemed in our feeds, it’s always top 3. Top 3 comedians, top 3 drum n bass blockchain musicians, top 3 South African soccer fans, top 3 food fighters, top 3 virtual friends, top 3 PHC bloggers, top 3 #steem artists, top 3 chefs, top 3 travel feed, top 3 #steemian, top 3... you get the picture.

The beautiful @puravidaville and I just landed in Thessaloniki Greece on Monday—we’ll be here 30 days. We couldn’t wait to get here for several reasons such as the Island of Patmos, where John wrote Revelation, we’ll be making our way over there in the next few weeks—I can’t wait! There’s a lot of history here, the weather is gorgeous, Greek people are kind hearted, the coffee is delicious and a bunch of other reasons but let’s get real—dessert.

Keepin’ it in The Spirit Of Things:

Kourabiethas and Melomakarona fresh out of a Greek oven from a Greek bakery in Greece.


Same place next week, deal? A big shout-out to everyone for supporting @foodfightfriday and the #fff crew and another shout-out to all of the #powerhousecreatives for letting me get in on this one. No excuses now, miss @jaynie, nope—your turn! 😉 Have a great weekend #steemit!




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DAHAHAHA PooP house for sale!! Nice one!!f I will laugh at that one even when I reach the age of 100. You know the trespassing signs that say, "violators will be prosecuted" I need to have a sticker made that says, "Prostituted" instead. So if you trespass... yep your A-- is gonna be sold one the street. HAHAHAHA

By the way... can you send me a couple bowls of what you are having?

Prostituted—Ha! Only thing would’ve been better than that is if I thought of it myself. ManC I’ve never looked at a for sale sign the same since! Haha... good memory there.

Always a pleasure hanging out with you Splatts, you’re good for this platform, sir.

I can do you even better than that, all you gotta do is fly across the Atlantic. 👍🏿

What an absolutely outrageous entry to the top 3 contest @dandays! Yes, even I came along and visited your blog 😛

Well done for avoiding the blisters off the bat, you don't want that skin falling off in to those bowls you're holding 😁

Great selections and good luck with the contest! Keep dnbing (appropriate tag seeing as I just released a new track with two steemians @wav-dr and @soundlegion) 😉

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Oh, what?! Danget, I wasn't even prepared for this, Nicky, quick... do I have anything in my teeth?! Hurry! Hurry! How's my mohawk? It’s Nicky frikkin Havey! 👍🏿

Wassup man? I’m glad you liked this one, thanks for checking me out. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a lot of fun putting this one together—can you tell?

Have a great 176bpm weekend Nicky!

I will send a pack of toothpicks in the post for you 😁

I'm alright thanks man! I hear you're in UK at the moment? Are you lost? Haha

Or come to soak up some dnb raves? 😎

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Nah, we just got to Greece actually on Monday, I wrote about it in this post actually. 😉

We did land in the UK in June though, spent a little more time there than I anticipated, I’m pleasantly surprised dude. iheart Liverpool—“guilty!” But we just began touring Europe. We’ll spend about 3-4 months around here, we have Rome in our sights next month and we’ll figure out the rest when we get there. We’ll probably be back in England around March’ish—Bro I’m from California and it’s freezing in England right now!!

Eh but fun fact, we went to a drum n bass joint in Leeds a few months back. Man, I was so excited! ....and then we got there. Well, I didn’t know the drinking age was 18 and, well, I didn’t know I’d be surrounded by a buncha ishfaced kids! Lol! Man, we didn’t hear one DJ! <— true story. “Next time.”

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Thanks for having me @phctop3. 👍🏿

OMW! All that Greek food! Love it.... :D

The only thing that's missing is you @fionasfavourites! Thanks for checking this article out, I appreciate it, stop by any time—I’ll always save you a seat. The mood brightens each time I see your name. Have a great week!

Hahahaha! You old flatterer @dandays! You have a good week, too...

Oh, and the first time I tasted and fell in love with Kourabiethes was at university: one of my dorm mates - a first generation Greek daughter - would bring them back at the beginning of the year. I've never forgotten. Sweet, powdery, crunchy deliciousness!

Great choices @dandays

And welcome to the Top3 contest. I love the P2P banter! Quality.

Good luck.


Banter, who? Me? Naa...

Well if you love it and I love that’s all that matters. 😉 Thank you for the kind welcome! I had a lot of fun putting this one together, I’m glad you enjoyed it @cheese4ead, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

I was falling asleep in my strategically held dinner bowl last night, but woke up early this morning to stop back by for the real deal! 😉

It's been a heck of a busy week (with more ahead today), so seeing a rally of killer entries like this before the end of our contest period just boosted this slightly wilted plant's spirits! Of course as usual on Fridays I want to dig right in. I even waded through some 💩 to get to the good stuff!

Super pumped you joined our little shindig this week. Really did put a smile on my face to see it!

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I sure am glad I kept reading that first sentence because making you fall asleep would’ve been slightly embarrassing. Then I would’ve had to make up some BS story how I did it on purpose and that was really my intention and go into a joke about the three legged cat in the crosswalk and a whole bunch of other stuff and, well, we all know I don’t tell stories very often.

My pleasure, Plants, I appreciate the heads up! Whenever you’re doing something like this, you can count on me supporting you, just give me a heads up.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I got a showcase Sunday article I’m about to release and I actually mentioned you twice in it, can you believe that?! Twice, as in, once but two once’s.

Haha, I've just been hitting it hard enough here in this thing called life that I just can't seem to keep my eyes open past 8pm. 😂 Though maybe I'm just getting old, too. Nah, I'm sticking with my first explanation.

Woohoo, two times? I managed a quick skim, but a double dose means I definitely need to stop back by for a full perusal. 😉

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 68
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Good Luck
Have a

@appreciator. Thank you for noticing my efforts on this one—it’s nice to be appreciated.

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!



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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

It’s a good thing one of us is paying attention. 👍🏿

Sent @phctop3. @yourtop3.

Damn! It took me forever to get here! Busy busy busy. Man am I happy to see you join the contest. I mean, it's food month! How can ya not? Your food and your wife's food always has me drooling 🤤🤤🤤 dude when is Canada gonna be on your list of places to visit! I wanna try some o dat!

Well it’s about’fa king time! The only thing I didn’t do is knock on your discord door like, “oh this frikkin girl..” Here I am, the dude always runnin his thumbs about ‘great, they’re clogging my feed with all of this Top 3 again’ actually jumped in on one, cuz you know I loves and fully back some foxy, plants, and Nicky and foxy didn’t say ish?!

:disclaimer: Everything you’ve read so far is totally kidding and a fabrication of the truth and I naturally assumed you were just busy, no worries, I knew you’d make your way over.

My pleasure, @foxyspirit, thanks for having me.

About that chef I travel the world with—luckiest guy I know, in the flesh virtue.

True story, out of all of the places I’ve been and all of the borders I’ve crossed, Canada is the only one who wouldn’t let me in. I’d love to! I’m sure it’s a different story should I fly in. Fact—I tried crossing that border once when I was either 18 or 19, denied! Canadian government doesn’t like hoodlums I guess, there was 5 of us attempting to go in and two of us had misdemeanors on our record, that’s all it took. To this day, even Mexico isn’t concerned with petty stuff.

One of those things more than 25 years ago now, back when that all-natural, photosynthesis growing, seed bearing plant (its just a plant for fuxache!) was in my pocket at the time I was frisked—before it wasn’t widely accepted for the simple plant that it is.



Not much time on my hands once again, just finished Washing walls and now I gotta get to making supper.

Should have just told the border patrol that it's spice for your next browny mix or even better, it's a new line of oregano 😝



@cecilian 粥粥 迎着闪电 开着巴士 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



You lose! 你输了!愿赌服输,请给我点赞~