PHC Top 3: November 2019: Comfort Food Submission

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So we're hitting the home stretch of the year, and as the race to the festive season heats up, we will all be preparing to overindulge in our favourite treats and put on some holiday weight. So we can feel guilty and try to work it off in January with a shiny new gym membership that won't last, sadly.

So how do you plan on wrecking your diet? Well, with comfort food, of course. Here are my top 3 ways to put on weight this festive season :)

Fried Chicken

I don't have it regularly because if I did it would choke me from the inside by clogging my arteries but fried chicken is for a sure a guilty pleasure of mine. Funny enough I wouldn't be tempted to run to a KFC it really needs to be a decent piece of meat or if I make a homemade batch but when it's done right I can really overindulge with no end in sight.

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This wouldn't be a comfort food list without Pizza. It's such a verstitle junk food and can be changed and made different based on so many factors, the base, the toppings etc. So you can really never get board of it. I think that If I had to choose one comfort food to go through life with it would be Pizza.


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Peppermint crisp tart

I had to put one on the list which is a South African staple and its a dessert I can never resist. Usually served during the Christmas period or when you simply cannot hold out any longer and it been a long tough year and you need something to give you a reason to keep on living. It's really nothing fancy, chocolate, peppermint, cream and biscuit but man is it so good.

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Chicken!! 🐣🐥🐓🍗 Lol I work at my parents restaurant from time to time and fried chit has become a staple there.

Pizza if not careful, can become a weekly meal lol it's good stuff man!

I've never had that dessert before but it does look yummy! Thanks for entering the contest

Ah, I don't know how you could be around fried chicken all the time and build up a resistance unless you're a vegan.


When you start to smell like it and not even know it, when it almost becomes your natural scent, you become immune to it.

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Haha, you gotta earn that gym membership, right? Great entry to help us kick off the month! I think many people enjoy these ones. Pizza is one we make often at home, but it's probably not as comfort food worthy since we load it with veggies and sprouted flour dough, haha. That peppermint dessert sounds delicious! I've never had it, but I love those regional specialties that make a holiday feel right! Good luck in the contest this round!

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Totally and my belly reminds me every day we have work to do and to keep working! We actually had pizza last night and I was the only one who didn’t eat it because well I’m munching down rabbit food so I can look good in my Speedo and get around the soccer field a bit better

That’s the great think about ur pizza you can jazz it up however you like it’s really the everyone’s comfort food

OMG, that peppermint crisp tart sounds delicious! Need to try that some time

It’s pretty awesome lol I even texted my mom and asked her when she’s going to make it again, even though it’s pretty simple to make it’s better when someone else does it and you jusy show up for tea and stuff your face

I Like Fried Chicken and pizza too! But i did Not eat peppermint crisp tart yet. Nice that you choose an south african Dessert on this list! :)

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I guess I know how we will be spoiling ourselves! Chickens And pizza!

Lol gives you a reason to come to Cape Town other Than the surfing! You can try the tart too!

Haha lol. Oh yes i will definitly visit you !! And i wi try it :) will be interesting what i am like more surfing or tart haha

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I'm starting a 6 week preemptive strike on the holidays now. So don't tempt me with this stuff...

I think I already messed up today when I decided to be heavy handed on the butter and full cream milk in my scrambled eggs with garilc more butter bread.. Dammit I started well intended, just eggs n pepper then I said funk it YOLO! Though I did do a teeny bit of exercise which felt deadly.. I also made a smoothie but then added ice cream.. The road to somewhere is paved with good intentions, I know I'll make it one day, not today, but someday..

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Lol can I join you? I’m not about to waste money on trinkets for the sake of it! Or trying to binge eat only to regret it the week after!

So keen to break the cycle, will see how long I last! I’ll just have to live vicariously through others and focus on only drinking whiskey 🥃

The more the merrier, I was sold with the whiskey..

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Wow, those first two choices definitely have my mouth watering! In fact, those two formed part of a staple diet for me during my Uni days... can't get away with that so much now without a lifetime on the hips!

Thanks for entering and good luck with the contest!

Lol it sounds like you had a pretty enjoyable time at Uni, it was the same for me and I really packed on the pounds! Sigh, if only I knew better but late night studies, energy drinks and junk food make the student life

Ha, it turned out alright in the end but I definitely dragged the student lifestyle out for far too long!

I think when you're 18-21 you can get away with eating any old garbage but time always catches up. Those energy drinks though... Bleurgh! Vodbulls were my nemesis on student nights and had one awful experience and that was it. Even the smell of those energy drinks were enough for me to wretch haha

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I will have the fried chicken thanks👍

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Is that really your favourite comfort food? Like if you had one choice to spoil yourself

Love it👍

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I chose pizza also, but it's first on my list. The peppermint crisp tart looks very good... and comforting!

You really can’t go wrong with pizza which is why it amazes me when I order one and I have a bad experience like how bad must you be to ruin pizza?

Hmm it kinda sucks that the ingredients are pretty local so you have to substitute it to make it and kinda loses some of its flavour in the process!

I’m looking forward to having it this Christmas 🎄

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Hey @chekohler

A couple of staples of fast food there in fried chicken and pizza. I love them both, especially a good pepperoni pizza. I am totally intrigued by the peppermint crisp tart. It looks amazing.

Great job and good luck.


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Oh my word! That South African speciality: peppermint crisp tart! I notice it's getting a bit of a reboot all over the show.

I’ve noticed that too, probably why I’ve been having these cravings lately


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I confess to never having made one. Am thinking I should give it a go.

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Ooo nice way to start things off!!

Lol and here i've been trying to eat healthy

Oh yeah, KFC is definitely exercise for the heart. Whoever designed those air vents to pump the aroma of newly fried chicken out into the neighbourhood is an absolute genius.

LOL! I swear its like the bat signal that smell just pulls you in. Reminds me of those cartoon characters that would float towards the smell of food, that's literally what it feels like. Getting high on that mix of 11 herbs and spices

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That Peppermint crisp tart looks delicious. I was hoping that I run into some foods I hadn't tried yet and that tart is something I will be looking into so I can give it a try.

It’s pretty simple to make here’s the recipe you’ll just have to substitute for similar produces where you’re from! Would love to see your attempt and what you think of it