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The project hope community is a lovely community where you find different varieties of topics of post ranging from technology, business, financial, economy and so on.

The top three post I will be picking today are written by great and creative writer from tje project hope community. It is evident in their post that they have really put in a lot of effort in putting together fact creating these amazing post.

The first person on the list is



Certainly almost everyone in the world at this point earns money either it is little or much, but the financial literate even when they earn little usually come out different after sometime but that is not the case for a financial illiterate person, financial literacy teaches us on how to spend the money we earn, it teaches us the difference between gaining necessities and just wasting what we earn on things that are not going to benefit our finance.

It is possible to have a lot of money and loose it all with the snap of a finger within few months or years if there is no financial education. History as constantly showed to us that it is never about how much is earned at a time, it is rather about the level of financial education gained at a time to handle the available finance.

The mentioned financial education is available on almost every social media channels and it is readily available for anyone who wants to get it, but even as easy and cheap it is to get these financial information, a lot of people remain ignorant about it because they are not listening to the right people. A lot of people are only available on social media for the purpose of entertainment when they can easily get valuable information and great financial lessons on social media.

The second on the list is
Post: This is what you need to understand about a goal that did not work out



You really need to get out of that habit of feeling like a failure just because a certain plan did not work out for you, you need to get yourself out of that mood because it will only keep you stagnant and you have to get up to try out something that will eventually work for you. It is necessary to take a close look at some of the reasons why those goals that you set to accomplish never worked out in the first place.

Sometimes the set goal might not work out because the goals are just too big and unrealistic, it is really good to desire big things but sometimes it is also advisable for us to take it slow on those big plans and only work with something that is indeed realistic in order to prevent having another heartbreak of not achieving desired goal.

Sometimes that goal failed because the set goal does not fit with your personality, irrespective of how we try to bend ourselves to accept certain things, there are things that will only change when we work on ourselves from the inside, when goals do not align with your personality, it is definite that the goal will be difficult to get accomplished.

The third on my list is
Post: How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. If you are wrong, admit it



I consider that there is stubbornness when we deny something because you want to look good to someone, and you maintain with explanation that it was not your fault. From another perspective, better results are seen when in the first instance the mistake is recognized because in this way there is more understanding and less anger; yes nothing easy starting from how complicated people are, especially in this very competitive and even aggressive world that makes many walk on the defensive or with a shield always protecting themselves.

Another task to put into practice, if I make a mistake 20 times, I must acknowledge the full 20 times, not half, because I need to begin to be honest with myself to be able to do it with others, thus achieving a life less