Huckleberry opened his eyes for the first time!

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Huckleberry Can See Now!


I found a baby mouse on the sidewalk three days ago. After lots of love, care and roughly four times his own body weight measured in lactose-free full-fat milk, little Huck has opened his eyelids for the very first time this morning.

Going more than four hours without food and a good belly-rub can be life-threatening for baby mice. I've been feeding him and helping him with the opposite end of business every hour during the day, and roughly every three hours during the night.

My sleeping schedule is accordingly messed up right now but Huckleberry looks happy with my parenting so far. He's growing fast and looking healthy. He has even started to nibble on some sun-flower and sesame seeds all by himself already!!




P.S.: I usually post more #photography related content on this account, and I know these are really just some cellphone pics, but I just couldn't resist sharing this little moment of pride here. It might also be a stretch to put this on #creativecoin? I'm not really sure where creative-non-fiction ends and non-creative-non-fiction starts, but i want the link between this update and the original post to work on any platform... so yeah, just let me know if this was too non-creative!


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Wonderful thing ....

I think yuck deserves a Steemit account hahahahah she is adorable

guess what... i actually thought about that already, too... @huckleberry was taken in Apr 19 and lies sadly inactive


your typos, though... lol

Creative or not I liked the photo, story and your style.

hehe... thanks... creative-non-fiction... I'm still not sure... but I do appreciate your support :D

that is a cute little fucker. i want to put it in my mouth and let it stay there, nice and cozzy.

and he'd probably love that...

especially after a meal, he likes to curl up in a dark, tight and warm place...

that's also the kind of setting that really helps him relax and get the poopy business taken care of, too :)

Super cute! Keep informing us about your little friend

he's doing great, he's gained lots of weight, he's pooping well and he loves falling asleep curled up in the palm of my hand... I'll make sure to post some more pics in a day or two.


yes, exactly!


Just so you know, I started following this and @fraenk account because of Huckleberry!

Don't let me down, I'm expecting follow-up stories with lots of photos ❤❤❤

I'll make sure to post a full update in the coming days...

for now, here's him sleeping happily in his full-body diaper inside @hazel420's hand:


If you look closely, he just pooped, and I guess that means he's doing well ;)


You’re doing a great job here @fraenk, it’s a very tough’n difficult task this one but love can produce miracles and I think we’re privileged espectators of one.
Keep on, soon you’ll recover your sleep balance as this guys I think tend to grow very quickly and hopefully it will be able to eat by he/her? self...
Hugs’n love 💗
My best wishes and cuddles to ‘huck’

Yeah, @hazel420 took the nightwatch yesterday so i recovered some sleep and Huck, i started calling him Snuggleberry, because he likes to snuggle all the time, he/she's doing great and he already insists in some solid foods to bite on after a good sip of milk.

The he/she question might take another week or two before I know for sure, it's not too easy to distinguish before they fully mature... but I'm actually thinking he might be more of a she ;)

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