Huckleberry is a Teenager Already

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Huckleberry is growing so fast!


Hard to believe it's been only just a week since @hazel420 and myself rescued the poor little thing.

The intermittent sleeping pattern I've adopte to accommodate his feeding schedule certainly makes it feel more like two weeks have passed for sure.

But it's all so well worth it. He opened his eyes for the first time after two days of love and lots of milk.

By now he has slowly started to loose interest in milk and he vigorously demands oats or nuts for snacks. He's pooping mostly all by himself already, too, but he still enjoys a good belly rub to also get the liquids flowing.

From all I've learned through googling about mice since he's been with me, he must be at least 2 weeks old now, that kind of makes him a mouse-teenager I guess.

Little Huck, or Snuggleberry as I like to call him these days, he actually likes to sleep 90% of the time. I'm a bit jealous there and I really look forward to getting a full night of sleep for myself again soon, too.

After a good meal he falls into a food-coma almost instantly. Here you can see him passed out on his tissue blanket (a.k.a. full-body-diaper), with his cheek pouches still stuffed with food:





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Awwwww :)

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How nice to see Huck's growth, I'm more than Happy to ser you both have made It amazingly, congrats!!
My life it's being quite crazy these week's, hope you can sorry my unintentional absence, hope I can soon go my usual way and you can also recover your sleep 😂
Hugs'love to all three of you ❤️

no worries @drakernoise... I haven't had much time to really keep in touch with everyone myself... kittens, a dusty bunny, the googly show... and now there's little Snuggleberry, too.

Hugs'n'cuddles and lots of love back to you my friend!

Such a good boy, a mice teen

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How cute it that... Super cute :-)

absolutely über cute :D

Awwwwwww ❤❤❤

I assume he's not afraid of you (or humans in general), since you raised him and now he thinks you're his mom? :)

Btw, the first photo is amazing, the shadow/light ratio and shallow depth of field, I love it!

heh... yeah... I'm his mom, totally :D

And indeed, he's not afraid of hoomans at all, but his instincts are still that of a wild animal. He doesn't like open spaces or bright lights and he gets scared easily when there's any high pitched sounds or sudden movement. He calms down quickly, though, when he can crawl up into the wrinkles of my t-shirt or something like that and he really really loves sleeping snuggled up somewhere where he can feel body-temperature.

He's the cutest!

Thanks for the appraisal of the photo, too. It's a bit retouched for contrast and brightness. Since he doesn't like either bright lights nor open space I haven't really had much of an opportunity to take more pictures of him... and I don't want to harass him with it either ;)

@hazel420 keeps taking tons of pictures on her phone, maybe she'll post some, too.

awwwwwwwwwwww How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a guinea pig. Animals are just the coolest people man!

Animals are just the coolest people man!

True that! Usually they're better people than most people, too.

True unconditional love <3

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Aaww, what a cutie! Glad he's doing well! :D

thank you :D

Woooow!!!!!! You succeeed!

YIS! I didst :D

You and hazel are parents of a beautiful son 😉

and as he grows older, it looks more likely he's a girl after all.

little miss snuggleberry :P

oh my a mouseager ... does he have attitude to go with?

hahaha... yeah... actually he kinda does, especially after waking him or when he's gone without attention for too long :P

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Ohhhhh too cute. Have you read the Redwall book series?
This cutie looks the kind we trap in our house because, sorry, those old wooden radios are not mouse condos or grain silos, and mouse droppings piled up in the basement ceiling crawl space are just, ewwwwww.
Why do they have to be so cute?

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