Best friends, a Cat and Dog Mystery

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The enmity between Dogs and Cats is fictional, made up in the sense that, this duo has most of the best video compilations on the web as opposed to the rivalry portrayed on Television shows and movies. Truth be told, Cats can be mischievous, they could scratch and bite and could be territorial in your own house, while Dogs could be destructive, that's if your dog has chewed all your shoes and your sofa sets.

But these two coexist nicely, their rivalry isn't like Cats and Mice, even though in the legendary cartoon series: Tom and Jerry, Dogs hate Tom while Tom hates Jerry. This is just an illustration because those two actually can't do without each other, their relationship could be likened to that of Cats and Dogs. Essentially, the owners determines the kind of relationship that exists amongst the pets in a household.

Pets( dogs and cats in this instance) are like babies and toddlers. You have to train them to do certain things, to socialize well with humans and other pets, failure in doing so will lead to such rivalry portrayed in movies and cartoons. Certainly, everyone must have come across cute videos of Cats and Dogs playing together, or even mother Cats or Dogs nursing puppies and kittens respectively. These two could be a mystery, their relationship in the house or neighbourhood could blow ones mind, but the most important thing is how a cat or a dog has been raised.

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