Some photos from Ninnu's trip to the Helsinki Winner Nordic show.

in pets •  3 months ago  (edited)


Before going to bed, I decided to upload a bunch of photos of Ninnu at the dog show last Saturday.

Getting hair done.

Daddy decided to take some photos...

So I posed. With my bow slightly askew.

It was a big show.

The whole convention center was full of people and dogs.

One of the 20 other Russian bolonkas.

Monochrome shot

Ninnu met her breeder, and also her father.

It was a fun trip, but this time Ninnu only got a "Very good" mention. Maybe next time Ninnu will get some prizes, who knows? 😜

See you later!

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Good, I'm glad you had a different day, I think it should be fun to attend a contest like that.

Next time she will win. I wish her success for that.

Very good photos friend @gamer00.

I hope he rests and you can carry a lot of energy.

Ninnu looked smaller than other dogs. She is very sweet and gentle. Perhaps the judges preferred puppies to older dogs!?

That’s a busy place full of people! Ninnu was very brave!


Ninnu is very similar to her father :)

Ninnu looks so great! Pretty cool photography of her!


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Looking really awesome ninnu in those shots cool : )

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