My Guard Dog Named "Cindy" And Her Untimely Demise

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My Guard dog "Cindy" Photo Taken Around '94-'95

That was me holding our guard dog Cindy, she was my sister's dog but she was really our household's guard dog. I was the one assigned to feed her and her Mom named "Puti" or White in English which is one of our beloved dog as well.

I liked Cindy because she is a dependable guard dog, she is fierce to strangers which is why she is always inside our compound otherwise she might attack people or get pregnant too by other stray dogs for that matter too.

Guard dogs are essential part of our lives here in my country as every home has a guard dog of their own for the purpose of making a the home secured as dogs would bark and alarm the home owners if there is something or someone going near their houses or even businesses.

Another purpose of a guard dog is to eat the leftover food of the family rather than just getting wasted or thrown out. For the most part those are the guard dog's food while some pets are fed with the same but with some commercial dog food while wealthy families would feed their dogs almost exclusively with pet food especially if they regard them more as pets rather than guard dogs.

This Is Our Current Dependable Guard Dog Named "Sarah"

Anyway I really missed "Cindy" as pictured above, that was her only photo taken by my Brother as we use my point and shoot camera in the year that I had quit going to College in mid-90's.

Cindy died due to strangulation as she fell with a leash on from a patch of dirt stacked beside our concrete fence and over it she fell maybe because she chased a cat traversing the concrete fence.

We only discovered her already stiff and lifeless body the morning later when our neighbor notified us about her untimely demise.

My Brother And Cindy On Hos Shoulders For A Photo Op

Cindy never got sick, in fact she was in her prime of her life when she died. I was the one feeding her always so I know her health disposition. My brother had buried her near our door in front of the house as a symbol of her selfless duty to protect her friend-masters.

It was sad and it is just pointless to cry about but all we have to do now is to make sure that our future guard dogs and or pets would get the best life while they are still with us.




Cindy is no nice! I adore dogs. I had some of them in my childhood, and still they all are in my heart

Oh really sorry you lost your dog in such a terrible way. I hope Sarah keeps protecting just like Cindy did up till its end.