Spring is the time of chicks 🤗

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Hello, dear friengs! 😊
Today I found such wonderful pigeon chicks. I checked the crops - both are full, the kids are well fed. It can be seen that the parents are trying very hard.
In pigeons, both parents look after the chicks. Chicks hatch from the egg bald and completely helpless, so one of the parents constantly warms them.
Pigeons breed all year round. But in the cold season, babies can freeze. Also, if the food supply is scarce, then the more impudent and strong chick takes all the food for itself, and the second one may die. When I find a nest, I always check the goiters. If one of the babies (less often both) is starving, then I take them and feed them myself.

How to understand that the chick is full? Take a look at the photo below. This is a baby parrot, but I don't have a suitable photo of a pigeon chick right now. The principle is the same. The first photo shows a hungry chick. You can see that his crop is empty. On the second his crop looks like an inflated ball - the chick is full.



How to feed a pigeon chick? Fortunately, the bird is omnivorous. The best option is to use a chick mix. We only have parrot chick mix in our pet supplies, but it will work fine. This option is, of course, the best, but it is quite tangible for the budget.


The procedure itself requires some skill. But this is only at the beginning. After a while, the chick will understand that you are a source of meal and will open its beak on its own. If the chick categorically refuses to take food, carefully wrap it in a cloth (so that it does not move too much), open its beak with two fingers and pour the mixture from a syringe (without a needle, of course!).

I'll tell you honestly that the sooner the chick starts eating on its own, the easier your life will be. 😁 It's good if there are several chicks - they teach each other. Another good option is if there is an older chick. He will teach kids. But all the same, until a certain age of them, you will have to do it yourself.





omg so cute!
I raised a lot of birds at home myself throughout my life, especially pigeons and they're amazing, I used to feed them from my mouth at first, and they always returned to me every time I went outside! good job and awesome photos :)

Feed them from a mouth is how their parents feed them. Also a very good way)

Yep :)
Keep on the good work! I'd come help if you were in my country :)

Thank you:)

Super nice videos! Thank you for sharing it!

Thank you:) I always scold pigeons that they have no idea about contraception:))), but their chicks are so cute.


thank you for sharing the video, great chicks, have a nice weekend and have a great day