I am essential - YOU CAN BE TOO!

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I find it essential to be essential. Whether for reasons of Freedom of Movement or Freedom of Assembly, or perhaps some deep psychological need to feel useful. I am not comfortable 'sheltering in place', especially now that it is becoming clear that staying inside is one reason we get cold and flu season in the parts of the years that we do.


I think it is essential to be essential.

It really isn't that hard to do! Around here, anyone involved in the production, transport, packaging, processing or delivery of food, seeds, medicine, agriculture or media is considered essential. This is the case in all parts of the world that I have looked, including the United States.

Take a good look at that list. The rules have been laid, now we play our pieces.


I always carry seeds, and I have for years, its not that hard. We pay attention to wild plants and harvest on the go. We are actual Agricultors, so this is a natural category for us. But you can be too! Everyone should have a relationship with at least one plant. Plants can teach us so much, and they literally eat our CO2 hot air that we love to spew everywhere!

Speaking of hot air, notice that media is included in essential personal in the US, where we live, and probably where you live too. There is a very clear loophole here, and one which is trying to be closed in Australia. Starting a Podcast makes you an essential person.

Anyone involved in the production, transport, packaging, processing or delivery of food, seeds, medicine, agriculture or media is considered essential.


Like with my recent Birthday Mint post, there is a wide range of effective medicinal plants for everyday use, whose knowledge was wide spread just 100 years ago, that can be grown on your windowsill. By putting any of these plants in your pocket, and bringing them to a friend, you are transporting medicine. Agruably just by engaging in growing them you would be deemed essential, thus able to go out, buy supplies, and do anything else required.

It is essential to be essential.

Go outside. Be essential. Connect to some plants, because they make you essential, by law. I didn't make the laws, but now we are all clear. When push comes to shove, food and medicines are essential.

Please stop being a nonessential human being, and grow some plants.

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Please stop being a nonessential human being and grow some plants. 😍

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