Unwilling To Fight In More Bullshit Wars

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It is the beginning of a new year and the media and the government have been busy instilling fear into the masses, perpetuating ideas of war and terror once again. Like clockwork we had been a little overdue as of late for some run of the mill fear mongering.

You would think that the United States has had its fill of warmongering, what with the hundreds of bases that they've got still up and running all over the world, and the countless conflicts that they've immersed themselves in over the years, many still ongoing. But nope, there is still more chaos and destruction to fuel, in the name of peace and prosperity as usual. Psychotic individuals are all too eager to push forward on their bloodthirsty quest for power and they want others to pay the price.

Well, it looks like not many people are open to participating in the bullshit.

For all those who are advocating for war and violence, they should at the very least carry out their will themselves rather than saddling that burden onto innocent families who could instead of engaging in violence overseas, engage in peaceful and prosperous actions right at home, strengthening their own communities.

But instead, sending more money and lives overseas to be lost weakens the nation in a myriad of ways.

And when those who are done being forced to fight, will eventually come back home, it is their own government that will turn their back on them in numerous ways. The same government that denies access to cannabis for veterans suffering from PTSD and other ailments, the same government that assaults them at the airport and spies on them daily. This is an organization that when those troops come back home, will show no remorse for the growth of government that took place in the meantime, which deteriorated their liberty while they were busy overseas.

They get to come back home to that, to lies and empty promises. They come back to a bankrupt nation that would rather fuel war than fix crumbling infrastructure.



the search term "HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT" has been recently trending on Google.

Specifically for the United States and Canada, it seems there are many people who are already looking for ways to get out of participating in this nonsense. And making the move if ever to force individuals to take part is, I suspect, only going to pour gasoline onto anti-war sentiment and push even more individuals into holding great disdain for their government and those who push them into unnecessary conflict.

But propaganda can be strong, and it's what the media and government do best.

The United States has spent trillions already and decades fighting fruitless wars, and we are still facing this sort of a threat at the beginning of 2020? Where people are Googling how to get out of the draft because they are afraid that another world war is coming their way.

Clearly, the military efforts over the past 15-20 years haven't helped to push anyone anywhere closer to peace in any way and if anything have only worsened problems to the point where it feels like we are still at square one. If only those warmongers in power had to fund the conflict themselves with their own resources then it would have been ended a long time ago. Sadly, the puppet show and usual rhetoric continues. Are they doing this for our safety? It's hard to believe that an organization that violates individual liberty in a myriad of ways on a daily basis, the most basic of which being individual consent, is engaging in any sort of international conflict for our benefit.

Hopefully over time more will continue to wake up to this lie, but mainstream media still hasn't lost its ability to persuade millions to get on-board with such self destructive policies. Will they succeed again this time? Let's hope that people have had enough.


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The responses on Twitter were hilarious.

I think most of us are almost as tired of us jumping into everyone's business as they are being jumped in on. In the previous situations even though draft was mentioned I never thought it would come to fruition. This time? Based on the way he conducts 'business' I have not doubt it will come to that. So the the increase in Google searches is not surprising.

I can't help but think this is a case of 'Wag The Dog. Impeachment, re-election and what have you. Now he needs to get those that followed him because of his warmongering ideal back. It is all just too convenient IMO

Not posting to get an upvote or advertise. I am posting it so you will a glimmer of what is really going on. The system talked about is well it greatly affects the weather too. Anyway you can look up in my blog, find the links and scoff

But at least you will know of some of the fun, frolicky, and very deadly tools that are actually out there. I have barely survived this