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Due to the nature of current events, the state of the world, and the myriad potential ways things could unfold in the coming days and weeks, @WeAreChange-CO would like to issue a statement:

We are unequivocally a non-violent organization. Non-violence has been at the core of our mission and code of conduct from the very beginning. We do not condone riots involving the destruction of public or private property, we do not condone attacks on citizens or public servants of any kind, nor do we allow people with violent intent to associate with us or act in our name. If violence is involved, rest assured that We Are Change Colorado is not.

The potential for violent uprising from either side of the false left/right political divide, or even the government itself, is greater at this time than at any other time in our lives. This could come in the form of a false flag attack by state agents, or a true home baked plan by radical extremists. If the current trend of rising civil unrest over the last decade is any indication of where we are heading, there are some dark times ahead. Everyone is on edge, and this is no accident. We don’t want to panic and alarm, we just want to be vigilant and prepared.

We encourage our community and anyone within earshot of our message to remain calm and reflective rather than tense and reactive. There are many righteous reasons to be upset right now, but the best thing we can do is lay low and let the bad actors expose themselves. Only the greatest of fools is calling for people to take to the streets or maintain a forceful attitude at this time.

No offensive action will be taken by We Are Change Colorado in response to whatever is coming. We say this as we always have for our protection. The desire of NWO types and their ilk to silence and eliminate groups like this is strong and any excuse to pin radicalism on us will be made by the establishment and mainstream media, if they can. We will not give them that opportunity.

We have foreseen and warned against this for a long time now. Now more than ever it is crucial to adhere to our principles. Again, you can be confident that any turmoil that arises will not be our doing, and that we will continue to do what we have always done: pursue and bring forth truth, love, and freedom.

Thank you for subscribing. We're working to revitalize our action planning meetings and We Are Change open mic nights. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can plug in to volunteer with us.

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We are also a non violent group :) Check out our post about what we are. Upvoted.


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