Exploit sites and Payola Plays are why I started exploring my options

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I will be honest crypto sites still confuse me but the opportunity excites me. The lack of rewards on the major platforms doesn't encourage loyalty. So essentially sites like #steemit have spawned from an #inspired vision to change this. I'm a musician and as you know the Music Business is known for it's corruption. Paid plays, Payola Playlists and Pirate Promo. As a musician I like #dsounds #dtube #choon

@bufinjer @soundlegion and myself @wav-dr wrote a song to acknowledge all the #audiowarriors who still work at their art. Countless hours go into a link that my get less engagement than a GIF unless you pay. It can be very disheartening. We know how hard it is and want to acknowledge the true unsung music #heros. We are currently working on the Official video and want to feature your photos / short vids in our video and show our Indie support by sharing your links. Here's the particulars.


Here's the live video with shout outs to all the amazing indie artists Wav-Legion has worked with #audiowarriors.






hey @wav-dr, there's also @musicoin. Folks over there are accepting payment for mixing, mastering, studio time, etc. You should check it out.

Thanks for the tip @recording-box I am on Musicoin but hadn't noticed that before. Here's me

wav-Dr. is the best!

both of you are the best guys, collection of the best pieces of music that I hear these days by both of you