Night Foray

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Into the night sky
inky blackness melds with milky white,
scattered stars
a sprinkling of confetti adding trails like Angel's tears.
Dots of diamonds pull me from earth while feet stand
firmly on the ground.
I can walk though moonlight shadows spilling through leaves,
teasing grass as creatures stir with hush, hush tones kneeling.
If I listen hard enough
I hear the night speak softly.
A slow undulation while restless worlds seek sleep.
From windows harsh electric lumens keep the night at bay
But I steal through trees and meadows and leave my solace play.
A crunch of leaves, an owls great wing whispers,
tantalized by day,
A crescent moon adds feeling
And watches willows sway.
The moment that my foot feels earth, and sorrows melt at bay
I turn my face into the dew
And thank my God
He made me just this way.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt night sky.
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How on earth do you think up all that wonderfulness and get it written down? I am in awe.

🤗 my brain lives in the clouds. Thank you for the sweet compliment.

What a beautiful poem, @wandrnrose! Words of acceptance of what is, of what amazes, of what is and many times we overlook so much knowing that they are there. That's why this landing on the beauty of life is so important. The night creeps into the soul and releases it from the burden of appearances, of being or not being what you want to be. The night womb, the night friend, the night lover; the dark refuge of the most awake.

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Thank you!

Very good Janelle, I didn't think it a freewrite until I saw the ending.
I like this one very much @wandrnrose7
Keep on Steemin'
Keep on Steemin'.jpg

Thank you 🥰, some poems flow quickly. I cleaned it up before posting, though.

But of course, I often post, then when you see the final version on the screen in front of you, you see things that need to be changed.
Well done

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