Fortunate Mistakes

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Try as I might I have the terrible flaw of botching my appointment book and missing appointments. My appointment book is electronic, the calendar on my phone, and I set appointments religiously, but sometimes my mistakes end up to be fortuitous blessings in the end.

October 5, 2017 was one such botched appointment. I showed up on time for my hair appointment and there I met my fiance, Jeff, for the first time.

My hairdresser informed me as I entered her salon that my appointment was actually missed the day before but she could cut my hair next. I had taken two days off of work to meet appointments that I couldn't get after work.

A man sat in the chair having just gotten his hair cut "high and tight," military style. I had seen him waiting on the step and had stepped inside the shop next door to wait out the short duration for a man's haircut.

Jeff tells me he was immediately taken by me. I thought he was a handsome gentleman and said as much when he asked my opinion on his new haircut.

My tendency to miss appointments no matter how hard I tried to keep them straight has led to a wonderful relationship for which I thank God.

We will marry this coming July, if all goes as planned, and I still use my electronic appointment book. I carbon copy Jeff on appointments and that seems to help keep me straight. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to forget appointments. You never may end up changing your life for the better!

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I am so happy that you went a day late for that appointment!!

Me too ❤

Now that's a nice story! Fortunate mistakes indeed. Congratulations!

Thank you so much! Imagine if I made the appointment on the 4th! The ironic thing is that we live in the same town and use the same hairdresser for many years and never so much as bumped into each other at the local convenience stores or eateries!

Interesting story. I still use an appointment book which we call an agenda. One I can write in. I am not fond of using my phone for it. I wish you a great day.

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I almost bought a 2020 appointment book last week... The thing about the phone appointments that works for me is I will get repeat reminders until I actually complete a task. For somebody is forgetful as me that works! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

@wandrnrose7 I bought one 😁 Let's see if I use it. For the things to do on a day I make a separate note. 🤫