Another Love Story

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Johnathan bent beside the running bath and with his wrist tested the water. Satisfied that it was not too warm nor cold he poured lavender scented bath salts into the running flow and stirred them until they disolved into an aromatic bath. He lit a candle near the bath and watched the wick sputter to life and cast shadows on the tiles.

Standing, he dried his aging hands and set a fresh towel beside the bath. Johnathan walked to the bedroom seeking Sarah. His eyes softened as he gazed down upon her slight figure. His once strong, majestic Sarah had shrunk with illness and pain. Her eyes bespoke the pain she wouldn't speak of.

Gently, he removed the soft cotton gown and wrapped her in a towel. Lifting her gently so as not to hurt her more, he carried her to the bath and slowly lowered her. Her eyes said all her lips could not. He watched them lighten with the warmth of water and salts easing the tormenting pain which wracked her slender frame. Johnathan spoke softly to her of the day's events, periodically added warm water to the bath. He thought he glimpsed a smile as the muscles in her face relaxed and it was as if she floated.

When eyes began to droop as if to sleep he pulled her from the bath, relealseing the plug watching water and salt rinse the gleaming tub and swirl, gurgle in the drain.

Johnathan wrapped a thick towel around Sarah, carefully patting the water so as not to cause fresh pain. He lifted her like a child, cradling her in his arms, near his heart, imparting his warmth.

In the room, he dressed Sarah in a fresh gown and laid her in bed. Smoothing damp gray wisps of hair from her brow he bent to kiss his first love, his lips tenderly grazing Sarah's. Jonathan's mind flashed back to their first meeting, and then their wedding. His wife's joyous laughter ringing in his ears. He pulled the quilt up and covered her, content to feel her fingers close weakly over his.

"Sleep well, my Sarah. I love you."


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt salt rinse.
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What a touching story and so eloquently told.

Thank you for your kind comment. 😍

How beautiful @wandrnrose7 💕


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So beautiful and sad @wandrnrose7 :'(

Such a beautiful story. I have tears in my eyes. A great love.