Steem is under maintenance? What will you do?

in dPolllast year doesn't work, a good moment to try out their hive-120019

Something happened yesterday.

If you are like me and struggle around here for hours and still know nothing you can read more here @eco-alex took the time to explain it all.

This is what happened
@ned sold the ship
@justinsunsteemit bought the "sinking" ship.
The witnesses decided to avoid the new captain to use his Steem/vote with a soft fork to...uh protect or...
The captain came up with an idea to fight the pirates, stabbed them with a better fork and took back his ship and... decided for a new crew.

I can't help but this gave me a good laugh.
In an earlier comment where the "need of the soft fork" was discussed, I wrote I hope Justin is more kind as I would be. I wouldn't accept it to find someone's fork on my desk I didn't ask for. No matter it seizes or if it's hard or soft.

More is going on.
Will people invest in Tron or Steem?
Will they ignore the fuss and sail along with the new captain? _in a dpoll weeks ago where was asked if Justin Sun would buy Steemit inc. my answer was "I hope so".

There are all kinds of advice if it comes to what to do next.
A quick look on the internet learned me Steem and Ton are doing a bit better (just like all the other cryptocurrencies).

But look what I found!
What the heck does that mean? sorry my English is not good enough to understand this


Will you invest in Steem or Tron or sell and start over at a new platform?

  1. You invest in Steem.
  2. You invest in Tron
  3. You invest in Steem and Tron
  4. You sell your Steem a.s.a.p
  5. You transfer your Steem to a different wallet but do not sell it.
  6. You do nothing
  7. You leave and find something better.

I appreciate your answer and hope to hear why you decided to take this step. I thank you in advance.

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Prepare for the worst and hope for the best... pulling delegations and powering down so when a move in coin happens either direction I am ready to take advantage of it... what happens from there only time will tell 🤐

I hope for the best and stay if the ship sinks. I never learned how to swim and am allergic to water. Thanks for your answer. Enjoy the day whatever it may bring. Something good of course! 🥳

Maybe let me clarify... power down once the shorter term has been implemented 😉 if we win the battle of witnesses no things stay as they were.

Power for everything? How do I know when the shorter term is implemented? 💕

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Still trying to figure that out exactly, could be now 😅 we are still fighting though

I meant to say powerdown everything?

If tron wins I will be.

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Thank you for the tip @davidke20... I wonder how this day/week will end. 💕

Nightmare for me. My sponsors weren't able to trail vote me, and I will have no more funds to run projects and do give aways. Grab as much from me as you can !tip !shop

What kind of giveaways you do?
The good news is a nightmare will end (I had one early this morning, there were monsters and I had to dive into the water to escape. I did and amazingly enough did well. Not flat on the water and I was fast and didn't drown).

If I can't post I cannot grab. I think the witnesses boycott everything because they are pissed because the couldn't scam the owner of the ship. 🤔

What will you do after Steem? Publish0x or Weku or?


Both side have their said, but it's just politics. Same shit happened in my country, real life situation. Suddenly changed government. I giveaway steem for #hasil2020 as long they submit report. Those steems are not from tipu, is from me. I use tipu to send so I don't need to use my wallet everytime. If that explain it well. Every single time tipu send you steem, those are my steem 😂

I understand it's your steem... I guess World War 3 arrived on the block chain 🙁

Hm, something went wrong with the comment, but I think I`ve managed to send the tip ;)

I have no idea if you managed to do so. 🙁

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Everything seems to be on halt at the moment due to the protests. Not sure if we can do much except wait to see what happens. is also putting on hold the zapfic contest, he said:
Due to the current issues following the hostile move by Sun on the Steem blockchain I am pausing the Zapfic contest until things have sorted themselves out a bit. I will announce the winners and the new prompt as soon as things are a little clearer!
Should we be doing the same? Many dapps do not work now and posts earnings are super low because steemauto is on protest too.

I go on. If you stop let me know. You can do it for two weeks too. @olivia08 has her new contest online, @felixgarciap too and @team-CCC too.

Sorry to say this but Justin Sun did *not" start this the witnesses did with their soft fork, being afraid to be replaced. It was a clear sign of motion of distrust.
I doubt they would have responded differently if he had frozen their accounts.

Justin is the new owner, captain of the ship and it's up to him where to sail it too.
I cannot swim and am allergic to water so I stay and will see where it ends. I doubt it can get worse and there's a life without Steem.

At times works fine, now @esteemapp. The Monday contest is online and I will post mine too unless there's no steemit left.
You can find or try to contact me via Weku or Publish0x or send me a (wakeupkitty too). My e-mail will work best. No app (partiko) means a struggle for me to load sites and sign in. Steem connect no longer works so no Steempeak or Partiko.

If you know other apps, real apps for mobile users please let me know. 💕

Thank you @wakeupkitty. I will go on if you and the rest are. Time for a new theme soon :) I think Steem will be around because Justin has invested in this place.
I am now using my laptop more than mobile. I only have Partiko still but will try the latest version of esteemapp to see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your alternative contact details. Will surely help if something breaks down here, hopefully not.

I assume the sinking ship will sail again. I saw your new contest only not @ freedomshift's his yet. Not the first time he's late plus he's disappointed in steemit since months.

How do you change SBD into Steem?
I couldn't manage it and gave them away. The earnings are lower again. The witnesses should earn more!


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Yah.. I think it has too because too much has been invested?
I use
(I changed @marblely to @wakeupkitty for you)

I shared the steps with you last week. Here is the link:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any question.