Light tomorrow with today

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Hello everyone,

Let's get with the update first!
So today MinnowSupport the team behind Palnet has decided to bring the decimal factor to the post payouts and to the entire system. It is similar to what we say - adding dust! So from now on, we will be able to catch the values that are below the integer. For example -> Yesterday my post had 0 Pal value and now adding dust gives a 0.47 Pal value to my post which was not considered yesterday but now. This comes as an update so for a little while of time you might not be able to see the values or the values will be 0. That will be fixed soon.
Link ->
The present has a huge impact on the future and you do not have to be any guru or need any time machine to look in the future, it is simple, what you are going to sow today, you will going to cut in future. If you don't do this today, you will be going to face 'n' consequences in the future. What if you don't do your important work today, it will be going to impact you in the future.
50% of what is going to happen you in the future is 100% dependent on today's practicing.
But to bring light in tomorrow you have to own your words today, what you speak to yourself, what you promise to yourself. Take charge of yourself, get 100% control over yourself. Don't let outside noise defer you. Noise is mostly the garbage thing that just ruins your ideology. And never impose your ideology on anyone, you are just destroying the uniqueness. I always use to ask my sir about what to do next, what will be better, he just says that I will not be going to tell you, it is your journey, If I do so you will be traveling the same as me and I don't want to kill the unique things that you have or your ideology contains.
I am thankful that I am surrounded by such people and guides who look at such a deeper level. And I am doing same here, guiding you, not going to tell you which direction you must go but will help you to choose your direction effectively.