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The Garden Is Here ... Let The Growing Commence

For a long while now I have been mentioning in my posts my desire for a garden and the space to grow my food oasis. Now I have bought a house with a front and a back garden. I am by no means an expert or probably an amateur by definition; but I will give it a go. I arrived with a few tubs, a box of collected organic seeds. For my birthday I got some tools now I am ready to go!

I have been waiting on this moment for a long time. It's taken a lot of hard work but by setting my sights on it it has coming into my life. I am chuffed with my new space! You want to see it? Well i'm showing you anyways:


From the bottom


A nice patio bit under a pergola with plant growing over it (amateur)


From the top


More from the top


Even a little pond

And the front...


Too much gravel I feel needs better space usage


The Plan...

As you can see I have a decent space to create enough food for me. Yes that is the plan I want to create enough food to supply at least half of my consumption by the end of next year. A tough goal but one I think can be achieved with some help! Some help from the Steam community! I already have plenty of tips and there are so many of you out there with great posts for me to feast on. But I would appreciate any tips about you suggestions for the garden of even who to read.

Clearly there is a lot of work to do. I already have a cherry tree, two apple trees and a quince tree. This is a good start i'd say. Having managed to catch of this years apples; i'm made some scrumptious stewed apples; which were amazing. Currently there is not a lot I can do as it is winter time now and it's cold. I don't even know what plants are what (any good identification apps out there folks). Although I have my books and will get right on the identification dreckly. Many I will probably dig up and replace with beneficial plants but I need to know what they are first. But also beneficial could be atheistic also, so waiting for some to flower might also be an option.

I will keep updating on here but there will not be a lot until the summer months. I would appreciate any tips though. I have cut the bushes back a little and straighten things up already. I do need to make some space for the initial veg patches but have not decided yet how these will take shape. Time to get my head into some books I think.


A messy bush


I attempted a touch a Topiary. It's a lot harder the it looks folks. This was going to be a caterpillar. I just trimmed it in the end


I cleared some leaves up and bagged them ready for some mulch and composting next year. The wormery is also in situ but I might move this into the shed for the cooler months, to keep my worms warm

I think this is two bushes the have over grown. Now I know animals nest in bushes so I won't cut these completely but might take a lot down as it's quite a sunny spot perfect for some growing. So this is the starting point I guess and updates to come. I will be tuneing into the regular homesteaders and hounding you with questions. The end product will be a 90% edible garden !!!

Lets see what happened folks 💯🐒


Check these out, they work well for me:

|| Untitled.jpeg || Untitled.jpeg || Untitled.jpeg || Screenshot 20190919 at 22.07.30.png


I love celebrating your new adventure of a dream becoming reality 🎉❤🌻🍓❄

I am SO happy for you! What a wonderful space you have to transform. You are a beginner! And, what an awesome beginning at that!! You have to start somewhere. And, winter is the time for plans for next year do it's actually the perfect place to begin the adventure. I look forward to seeing the progress. I have one suggestion perhaps think of a name for your upcoming garden 🤣 strange i know. But, it's what comes to mind!!

Nice of you to drop by I hope you are well. Thank for your wonderful comment and passion a name I like it. First thing that comes to mind is 'Agora' as I am working on agorism principles. 💯🐒

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That looks like a gorgeous template to work with! I would definitely agree with identifying plants first. Also double check them for edibility (is that a word?) and medicinal properties. There are so may plants that we see as decorative only, but are in actual fact edible or at least medicinal. We've just forgotten how to use them.

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Thanks for your comment. It's identifying the plants first that it the problem do you recommend any good books? (or apps). Indeed I want to create something pleasing on the eye but useful hopfully inspiring those around me 💯🐒

Thank you for using the @ecotrain tag. :) NICE JOB getting yourself a garden! You don't mention where in the world you actually are but it doesn't look too tropical LOL... #gardening is a big and well curated tag on steem too. :) Best wishes from Northern Thailand, and looking forward to your garden and composting updates.

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Thanks i'm in north west England. I'll get onto the Garden tag thanks for the tip 💯🐒

This looks fantastic! I'm catching up late to this because I was away all last week on a hillwalking trip, and since I got back things have been caraayzee...

I bought a flat with two private gardens in 2002. I was never successful in planting veggies, mainly because the gardens were stuffed with beautiful perennial flowers. But I did grow a lovely herb garden - until local youths decided to push my shed over, flattening the herbs :(
I also grew garlic very successfully. I bought an organic garlic bulb and planted each clove about a foot deep in the soil in autumn. Then I just left them till spring, when I harvested the most delicious garlic bulbs EVER!

One tip is to look out for community gardens. A community garden near me holds regular gardening courses, mainly on growing your own veg, and they're really cheap to attend. I did a fantastic course on container gardening. Container gardening is great for growing your own veg, as it helps keep down pests and it stops plants like mint taking over the whole garden.

I'm jealous of your fruit trees!


Great advice thanks not see any around here seems about dyer on that from locally would get one start but the council are selling all the land for new houses they don't give a monkeys about the greenbelt 💯🐒

Ah - councils are dreadful. Our local one tried to sell off greenbelt land to a property company, and they ended up with a huge protest on their hands. The protests have been going on for years, and the council seems to have given up. The locals in that area started a community garden on the land (a different one to the one I did a course with, though I have been involved in this one too). They sent round petitons, organised events and created a "children's wood". Maybe we're just more bolshy up north!

It's a joke here and the locals are soft haha. I think within ten mile radius of me they are building a least 10,000 home and that's at least. They don't listen to a word anyone says just money money money. I think they are one of these councils that got private loans and are more screwed. Problem in the roads are crap and not being update nor are the amenities. The shit will hit the fan soon, then people will wake up 💯🐒

I live in Glasgow, and the nefarious practices of our city council are so notorious that a book written by an American academic says

locals in Glasgow have found that a seat on the city council is the road to riches.

But at least most people know that's the case, so we do tend to take them to task regularly.

Unfortunately when they think they are right you will never win if they claim you own them money the your screwed. But alas their time will come and soon I think when people realise it's extortion 💯🐒

Omg that is SOOOO exciting! Your place is just lovely... it is going to be a long wait til Spring for you! Compiat, compost, compost... you are starting well there. Ditch any plants you dont like or that aren't edible. Work out where the sun will be when it shows itself later next year. So exciting!! Amazing you already have fruit trees! Love it.

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Thanks! Yes have the wormey going and working on a compost site currently. Might but some wood in Jan and build a small compost. It's just about south facing so ideal for the sun should be blooming spot on haha. Just want to get my hands into it but until I know whats what it tricky planning 💯🐒

Whereabouts are you?

North England think it's zone 9??? 💯🐒

If I could get seeds to you I'd totally donate a pile from our garden.... but international shipping of seeds.... ;(

I know but Thank you for the thought I sure the universe will pick up on it. I have collected a few from the organic veg box I get. I sure other seeds will come my way. I be heading back through you posts i'm sure 💯🐒

Whereabouts in north?

Clitheroe about an hour north of Manchester 💯🐒

WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Dreams coming true now. Even a little pond!

Thanks theres not stopping me now 💯🐒

You really have a beautiful place there, and I love your garden and house 😍 so exciting to hear your plans for the place. I love my garden and try to find new things to work on and love reading posts that inspires 😉
Really love that pond to and the walk to your door. I want a pond or small water fall in my garden... A future dream... Lol

Thank you for sharing and good luck. Looking forward to se more. 🌹👍

Thanks it was worth the stress of the buying process. I have big plans for it and not much knowledge but it'll come to me I know. I hope to share it's journey 💯🐒

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Your space looks great!! I'm so jealous. What a beautiful place. <3
Was just thinking of you and that I hadn't seen you in a while. Hope you are well!

Hey @vibeof100monkeys, here is a little bit of BEER from @phoenixwren for you. Enjoy it!