Finally Vibeof100mokeys shows his face !!!

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Plus opening the 2019 Steem rounds

Screenshot 20200130 at 20.49.59.png

Finally it's time to show my face. I have been a member of the Steem community for nearly three years now and never shown my face today it the day!

Also celebrating with the opening of the 2019 Steem rounds. So this is were it all begins the next chapter as it were, hope you become a regular and we have many happy blogs together 💯🐒


Check these out, they work well for me:

|| Untitled.jpeg || Untitled.jpeg || Untitled.jpeg || Screenshot 20190919 at 22.07.30.png


Ha ha. Glad to see you on the chain. Congrats on the silver!

Can't believe we all waited so long to see that beautiful face. Ohh yeah, congratulations on the steem rounds too.

haha well I plan to get it out more 💯🐒