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RE: PoB is not Happening Here [/fullstop]

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thanks for writing such a detailed post about this issue. I agree on some points, but not on all. PoB indeed seems to be not working here as it was intended, but I find the changes with the last HF to be making the experience on here much better. I would argue that it is a long process (which perhaps never finishes) in which rules get fine tuned and changed. I would see it as a pioneering social experiment, it's far from perfect, but the idea is good enough to not give up on it just yet...

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"the idea is good enough to not give up on it just yet"

I agree, which is why I'd like to see'em either abandon
the idea of PoB or move towards a better solution. This,
so we can at least work it on the scale of content sorting.

Steem has an amazing ability to draw creativity out of
people. It can still do that, but even better if/when we
can be honest enough to let go of the failed concepts.
Thx for the curate @tobetada, and more importantly
for sharing your thoughts on the proof of brain topic.

added you to my fanbase @steemauto :)

Ty! No telling what I might
post, so be aware of that : -)