Atom Collector Records Wednesday Selection

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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Sherwood by @deezee42

Autumn Traction by QT

House of Love by Gerontius

Sealand by Biting Point

A girl obsessed by the sea who disappears....

YouTopia by @deezee42

Short Monologues 3. by QT

Constellation Lyra - Top of the mountain by Constellation Lyra

Constellation Lyra - Time Of My Life by Constellation Lyra

Fly by @lastravage

© Music & Lyrics by Last Ravage Opinion

© Digital Art, Bass & Drums Performances by Alenia

No Animals Were Harmed During The Making Of This Project.


Nobody likes me,
I annoy everyone in my way.

I lay on faeces,
I carry diseases, I fly.

Your death is my life,
my kids will take care of your rests.

I'm hard to get,
I can see you wherever you stand.

Flying away, I'll leave you behind.

Moving in the air with an awful sound.

I fly.


Beautiful Surfaces, Terrible Depths by @deezee42

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