The Long National Nighmare Is Over

in palnet •  6 months ago 

Tonight, Isaria and I return to our humble roots as we get back on mspwaves! Well, I'm into it, @isaria is kicking and screaming about it. But! That's what you're there to hear!

Join us as we hear Isaria kick and scream and yell and make fun of Shane, just like old times.

We may have moved, but the old vibe is still there. Plook hasn't changed, you have. What?

Music! Games! Awkward silence! It's all here!

What will we talk about? We have no idea. None at all. I mean, we've moved. launched two tribes, adopted two new kittens, but there's nothing really "exciting" happening, right?


So come be very non-exciting with us tonight, have some fun before @aggroed talks numbers and whatnots.

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but you havent said when. i will assume your normal time

  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment

shakes fist
curse you red baron!

@swelker101, Old Roots hold many memories and no matter how far we are moving those roots will travel with us because these memories have a place in our Heart Space.

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