Review Challenge to Everyone Out There

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 White Toilet Seat Wilko.png

The other day I bought a toilet seat from a store called Wilko and they sent me an automated email asking me to review the product. I was "you want me to review a toilet seat....seriously? Ok let's see if this gets past censors" so I wrote.

A treat for the bottie

Have you ever read The Lion the Witch and the Wilko White MDF Toilet Seat? No? Well let me tell you it is nothing like The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and you should discourage your kiddies from playing this game with this Wlko's product when fitted.
After going to the store and checking out all the different types I concluded that this was by far the most robust and aesthetically pleasing seat I had seen thus far. Bit heavy for fancy dress and as such makes a satisfying CLUNK when you drop it. Good for annoying your other half if they are in a testy mood.
Unfortunately not in stock so I had to order it online. Got a job lot (cough) of bog roll while I was at it as it is always a pain to carry it home from the store. Also you don't want to be really telling other people on the bus what you will be doing later that night.

And signed it as Justin Hallibutt.

"There is no way this is getting accepted" I thought, but to my shock it was. I know you don't believe me but here is the link to the review. You will need to scroll down to see it. It would be great if you could give it a "Yes" where it says "Helpful" just in case they have second thoughts 😊

It made me think that we should have a challenge to see if other people could get away with posting a humorous/risque review. It would be nice to see a bit of humor on these pages. What do you think?

If you look down a bit further on that review page you will see I also posted a response to someone elses review 😂


They sent me another email asking me to review the toilet paper/bathroom tissue I bought. I haven't actually used it yet but the brand is called "Regina" so that is begging for some puns.


@SUGARFIX!!!. Good to see you over here man. I see you schooling folks over on Cryptopanic. Makes me laugh every time.

Hey VG - Long time no see. Yeah, I do enjoy getting up the nose of the people who latch onto one coin like it was the second coming ;) I had a bit of fun with some XRP people today.

How have you been anyhow? I should take a scan of some of my coin collection someday.

Just been trying to keep up with life. That would be awesome to see your collection. We are always looking to see new stuff being posted. Metals might be on the start of a decent little run with all the craziness going on in the world. :)