My dCity Status Update: June 1

in palnet •  last month 

Hi everyone,

dCity announced a major update that will come in a week (detailed information available here). With the update, new mechanics and a new set of cards will be released. This is really something that I have expected from the game, and I believe that will increase the number of players and the fun we are having with it.

One week before the update, my city has 215 cards bringing it on the 108th position in the rankings. With a population of 631 and a popularity of 167, my city generates 523 SIM per day:


I will try to get a few more cards in the next days, reinvesting back all the SIM generated.

Stay tuned!

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Cool city and nice income, you can buy a nee card every second day, I hope I get there someday to be able to get a new card each day from income. New update will definitely change some things 🙂

Yes, that true. I'm investing everything back in the game, and this was I have a lot of fun, but also a source of passive income.