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RE: And then it happened - MY TEENAGER HAS A GIRLFRIEND

in #palnetlast year

Awww, your son takes showers without having to be prompted by his mama! He must really be in love.

Here's to wishing him a great dating experience.

And wishing you lots of love and peace.

Also, just wondering, who paid for dinner? LOL. What a nosy, I know!

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I paid of course!!! Hahahahah!!

The smell of a freshly teen boy is refreshing.....hopefully she can keep him on his toes lol.

Last night we went to dinner and she looked at me and said, "Mum, has he always been this lazy?"
As I almost choked on my ice coffee laughing inside because 1. she called me Mum and 2. It was hilarious, I looked at her with the utmost sympathetic eyes and said "yes, sweetheart, he always has!" HAHAHAHA