Ski season is open in Soelden, Austria.

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We just left Austria, such a beautiful country... and continue our trip to Slovenia.

travelling europe?

Not really, only to AT, IT, CH and Slovenia... road trip

Nice photo. Looks like a beautiful day for skiing. Have fun on the slopes!

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@solarwarrior, Now this is called as Ultimate View. In my opinion when sun rays falls on Snow then it creates very unique shine, looks really beautiful. Stay blessed.

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yeah... exactly my intention... interestingly I was always told by books and pros that you ALWAYS have to have the sun in the back while making photos... and NEVER face the sun... but with the new generation of photochips in current mobile phones it is not only possible but sometimes even generates amazing results...

Definitely we've entered into the next level of world due to the next level of Tools. Stay blessed.

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What a splendind view @solarwarrior