Weather in Oklahoma is never boring, last Sunday it was 74 degrees, today we got 5 inches of snow!

in palnet •  2 months ago 

This is a good place to live, but the weather is changeable.

If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it will change.

Will Rogers

Last week was outside work, in fact my AC unit started on Sunday. It was stunning and was shirtsleeve weather. I actually installed a new TV antenna that was waiting on good weather.

Tosay, we have snow. But, my car enjoyed it; because it gets a break when it snows!


The neighborhood was pretty quiet today too....


This snow wasn't blowing, but came down straight; and stuck to my tree.


But the mail was still running...with bills, SMH!


This was the third snow, but the only real accumulation thus winter. The last one just left a little on the car hood.


This snow will be gone by Friday, and I will be out on the homestead again Sunday with my chainsaw, to clear some downed limbs on some oak trees there. It is supposed to be 65 degrees F on Sunday. It is never boring here, LOL!

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I keep saying, "the new ice age is coming." I figure if I say it enough, and it does come, I'll have bragging rights! Lol.

ROFLOL, I'm your witness! Keep on posting it....


Yep, and don't you think I won't gloat when it arrives...Ah yes, I can see that smug look on my face already..."I told y'all the ice age was on the way,". 🤣

It's going to be epic.

They will worship you as a Weather Prophet!

All Hail....


Haha...Sounds good! I mean I couldn't get the weather any more wrong than the current experts could I?

That would be a good job. You could be wrong over half the time, and still keep your job!


I know, it's sort of crazy really...Obviously it's the same there as it is here.

We kind of sit in the center of the country, so whatever weather others get eventually meets here, so it gets crazy here sometimes!


Wow this is such an interesting and exciting post sir smithlabs.

This is what happens to innocent people, when Texas blows, and Kansas sucks!


And Oklahomans are the poor innocent victims right? lol.

Sadly true!


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