Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant Women, has been scientifically linked to ADHD in newborns.

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One more thing for Mothers to be to watch out for, Vitamin D Deficiency can cause long term problems for the Baby! I hope this information is helpful for someone out there. Simple sun exposure will provide Vitamin D....

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This is easily solved with supplements.

Article on ADHD triggered by Vitamin D:

This is not a 100% 'fix', but it is a significant improvement; and worth the effort to add this into a pregnancy plan.

Children of mothers who were deficient in vitamin D during pregnancy had a 34% higher risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) compared to kids whose moms had sufficient levels during the first and second trimesters. Results were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

The result was adjusted for maternal age, socioeconomic status and psychiatric history. The study was done in collaboration between researchers from the University of Turku, Finland, and Columbia University, NY.

The science here is solid, and the sample size is over 1000, so pay attention to this study!

The study claimed to be the first population-level research to demonstrate an association between low maternal vitamin D level in early to mid-pregnancy and an elevated risk for diagnosed ADHD in the offspring.

The study included 1,067 children born between 1998 and 1999 diagnosed with ADHD in Finland and the same number of matched controls. The data was collected before the current national recommendation in Finland for the intake of vitamin D during pregnancy, which is 10 micrograms per day throughout the year.

It is a shame that sun exposure will help the body make vitamin D directly, so sun exposure could correct this problem without supplements. BUT, that said, simple supplements is a good choice in itself!

The primary investigator, Professor Andre Sourander said that, despite the recommendations, vitamin D deficiency is still a global problem. In Finland, for example, mothers’ vitamin D intake among several immigrant groups is not at a sufficient level.

This research offers strong evidence that a low level of vitamin D during pregnancy is related to attention deficiency in offspring. As ADHD is one of the most common chronic diseases in children, the research results have a great significance for public health, said Sourander.

The study is part of a larger research project that aims to discover the connections between the mother’s health during pregnancy and ADHD in offspring. The goal is to produce information for developing preventive treatments and measures for identifying children with ADHD risk.

So stay healthy, have a healthy child, and enjoy raising them! Be Blessed....

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sir smithlabs! Yes, very true. Everyone should know this but they probably don't. Especially if they're in the state directly North of here.

True, Oklahoma is too busy trying to send basic survival supplies to Texas so they won't get rickets and scurvy...we do what we can, ROFLOL! Keeps them down south.


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Vital information. I like it when studies are looked into and details are presented to us people to build beaten tracks into it. Many would not stand the facts I guess. Good when they do. @tipu curate

It is ironic that the closer we get to pure natural, the better off we are! I use 100% herbals, and take no commercial medicines.


Yes, and even in "medicine" there are two paradigms, allopathic or homeopathic. A looks at the "microbe", H at the milieu. A is for emergency, H is for health. !invest_vote !BEER

I am fully homeopathic, and after two decades, my health is improving!

I began treating my wife, using commission E studies with herbs in 2002. With Prayer and herbs, she is still with me; even though they gave her five years tops. She is improving...they are stunned!


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