Today, President Trump was aquitted of Both Articles of Impeachment; and the liberal response was immediate, they subpoenaed Bolton!

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Jerry Nadler ignores the Senate decision, and their piss poor Articles of Impeachment, and moves directly back into the attack! Is anyone surprised? He did say this is not yet official, but still took the time to be very clear about this "unofficial"; official attack!

So the second impeachment attack has begun the very day the first one failed totally!

They have nothing left, so this was obvious as the next step. I was mildly surprised by how quickly they began this attack. They didn't even slow to see how bad the last debacle hurt them; before they jumped off of the next "attack cliff"!

Image from Article:
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Here is the fool responsible for this next wave of attacks.

Article on this attack:

They just could NOT bear a full Day of 'win' for President Trump! There is zero risk to an "unofficial" attack. Be aware, this will NOT stop, unlike the business the House is Supposed to be doing! That 'business' is stalled, due to overriding by more "important" business; working to overturn the 2016 election!

Just when we thought this BS impeachment was going to be over, the Democrats go and pull this!

Now, According to The Hill, Earlier today House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) admitted that the crooked House Democrats will “likely” issue a subpoena for former national security adviser John Bolton.

They live on Trial Balloons, and pure hate for America; so this shouldn't be news to any thinking individuals!

“I think it’s likely, yes,” Nadler said. “We’ll want to call Bolton.”

Nadler even went as far as saying that Democrats will continue investigating President Trump even if Trump is acquitted of the charges placed upon him.

The real abuse of power occurring in the House (they are NOT the entire government) like they want people to believe); as they try to seize the Constitutional power from the Executive Branch, and take control of the Senate!

“First of all, I think when you have a lawless president, you have to bring that to the fore and you have to spotlight that. You have to protect the Constitution, whatever the political consequences. Second of all, no, as more and more lawlessness comes out, I presume the public will understand that,” Nadler added.

Observe the real lawlessness, the coup de ta by the House; this demands persecution, for the treason this actually is!

Article on the lawlessness in the House:

There are out of control, and have not done any real legislative work; which is their actual elected job, which they choose to ignore! They are guided by pure Hate, both for President Trump, and for America herself....

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) suggested on Wednesday that there is value in hearing from Bolton, even after the Senate impeachment trial has ended. But he deferred the decision to the committee leaders, like Nadler, who have been examining Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

"I don't think they're going to be precluded by any vote of the Senate on that," Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. "But the committees will make that decision."

But it is painfully obvious that this decision has been made by those who Own these politicians; and they are just awaiting orders! This is a painful example of the swamp in action; doing nothing positive, while deliberately making zero progress....

Hoyer acknowledged that there are some moderate Democrats facing tough reelections who are ready to put the whole saga behind them and turn their focus to legislation. But, he predicted voters will understand if Democrats frame the ongoing investigation as routine oversight, rather than a second stab at impeachment.

"The committees ... will be making a determination whether that information is useful to get for their oversight responsibilities, not necessarily for the impeachment process, but for ... closing the book, finding out the information," he said. "I think that they may well do that, but they're going to make that decision."

The decision will be handed to them by their owners; then all they need do is act like the decision was their own! This is one of the reasons they seem so stupid at times, they are waiting on remote orders, SMH! Remember this the next time they make no sense at all, they are waiting on orders...and they are OWNED things.


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All that money spent to end up at a result everyone knew was coming.

Now they plan to do it again! They will see the same results, again....

At least they aren't passing liberal BS; while they are so focussed on their pet hate!, SMH!


They need something to do I guess right? It's bloody ridiculous though right?

They have been sharing a single Brain cell for decades. They just pass it around as needed....

They are ridiculous Idiots for certain!


I think that brain cell should take a holiday...And never come back.

Most of the time they just leave it out, so they can play with it....


Haha! Yes, the poor little brain cell needs hazard pay dealing with all those nutbags.

True, if they rolled their brain down the sharp edge of a knife, it would look like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway....

That poor brain cell is doomed to die from total lack of use!


Sir smithlabs! Those grungy politicians are about the most unpleasant humans on earth.

They are demonic monsters for sure! We need to fire them in bulk!!!!

Definitely the end times....


Dear Jerry Nadler, hey, yo, but isn't Bolton one of your guys? So, why the Hell would you attack your own friend? Wasn't Bolton trying to take down Trump as well? Isn't Bolton involved in some crimes? Are you trying to expose Bolton like you did Biden?

You are assuming that liberals have the ability to think, LOL! They can only hate and attack, SMH.

They always hurt themselves by bringing up crime, because they are the criminals; and they loose in the reflexion of the malfeasance.


Yeah lol.

They started the Me too movement to go after Conservatives, and lost one of their biggest Hollywood donors, ROFLOL!

And they cut into Clinton's plane flights to the Caribbean when Epstein got fried the same way....

You would think they would have learned by now!



Ironic that they are unable to Think! Which is why they are unable to Learn....


Like children.

Children are a lot smarter....

More honest too.


I wonder why envy gets so much attention.

Because they have nothing else to offer, so they attack!

Political kamikaze....