The 'ruling' class of liberals, are trying to convince their voters they are important; by explaining how they will ignore them!

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Watching a person's deeds, and what they say about their core beliefs; will give a view into a person's heart! While claiming that they are 'for' the 'little guy'; liberals expose their hearts in Nevada. Simply put, they believe that THEY should rule us, as we are too stupid to make important decisions!

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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg in Carson City, Nev.
He is saying that the elites should be able to choose candidates.

Article on the midset that only liberal elites are able to pick the next POTUS:

Buttigieg, speaking to a rally of liberal sheeple; basically told them they are too damn stupid to decide who should lead them as POTUS, without help! Sad to say, but they apparently bought it....

The current process is clearly flawed, but what would be better? Finding an answer means thinking about the purpose of presidential nominations, and about how the existing system falls short. It will require swimming against the tide of how we’ve thought about nominations for decades — as a contest between everyday voters and elites, or as a smaller version of a general election. A better primary system would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters.

One lesson from the 2020 and 2016 election cycles is that a lot of candidates, many of whom are highly qualified and attract substantial followings, will inevitably enter the race. The system as it works now — with a long informal primary, lots of attention to early contests and sequential primary season that unfolds over several months — is great at testing candidates to see whether they have the skills to run for president. What it’s not great at is choosing among the many candidates who clear that bar, or bringing their different ideological factions together, or reconciling competing priorities. A process in which intermediate representatives — elected delegates who understand the priorities of their constituents — can bargain without being bound to specific candidates might actually produce nominees that better reflect what voters want.

GOD Forbid that we would ever let the Voters actually decide for themselves...that smells too much of an honest vote! We can't allow that, obviously....

A nomination contest is not like a general election. They aren’t being fought to win, but to go on to November. But the kinds of processes that we associate with more open and high-quality democracy may not actually help parties produce nominees that really reflect the party’s overall concerns. Democracy thrives on uncertainty — outcomes that are not known at the beginning of the process. But uncertainty doesn’t help parties strategize for the general election.

First, this is a Republic, NOT a Demacracy; so this is a total lack of understanding of the formation of this country! Uncertainty, from their view; is called Freedom by intelligent people.

The reforms that created the modern primary system in the 1970s opened the door to too much uncertainty — and to divisive nominees such as George McGovern in 1972. This spurred efforts by party leaders to take control informally through a system of endorsements and donations, narrowing the field down to acceptable candidates before the first caucuses and primaries took place. What’s emerged since then is a process that’s incredibly complicated. Different states jockey for influence in the official primary. Candidates strategize about delegate counts. Elites try to shape the decision early on. Everyone is doing guesswork about what others want. Reforms to the process should try to make that guessing a bit more informed.

IF you allow a free and honest vote, and don't spend your effort stuffing the ballot boxes; there is NO guesswork at all! BUT, They can't allow THAT and retain a choke hold on power in DC!

It is sad that they don't even know how malignant they are....

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Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

Force will have to be used; to counter the force that is being abused.

Sadly, We live in Evil times, run by Evil people!


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THIS one really surprised me, they are not lying very well. What they really think is beginning to slip out!

I appreciate the upvote.


Sir smithlabs! That had to be the most boring speech ever.

All sheeple directed speeches are always boring, because they all say the same thing.

It would have just pissed me off to listen to this feces!


the existence of super-delegates apparently isn't enough of the elites choosing for the people. Let's just do away with voting altogether while we are at it.

You nailed it!

That is their dream for sure! TOTAL control of the sheeple....

They sure hate freedom!!!


Rifle up ! civil war 101... the american billionaire class is the taget (save lyol gross and cramer even if he is poor) the rest can die.

It looks like they will push, until there is blood in the streets!

So prepare for close combat, including strength training, and as many lethal things as you can carry....

Also move to the country, so you can see them coming (and dropping)!


your bob (bug out bags) shouldn't exceed 10% of your weight :).

My BOB will be the homestead by the Lake, so I refuse to weigh it, LOL! But with a fat boy like me that BOB could get pretty heavy....

But I will be working on the house (upgrading for solar and wind) tomorrow. Lots of modifications to make on floors, walls, and ceilings; for better insulation and sealing.

Thanks for coming by!


the last stand, I guess it's a nice place to die?

Don't plan on that, practicing Long range shooting; in my ghillie suit. The homestead is out far enough that I shouldn't see large groups. If it is a large group, I hang out, and drop one at a time, until they decide to go away, or all expire. Then I will need to clean up the mess....

Meanwhile, I have to go out to teh homestead, and do some more work today.

But it would be a better place to die, than in town; where most people will be victims! Besides, it gives me a fighting chance; about the best we can hope for, in the final estimation....