The MSM "pollsters" are hard at their real job, of voter suppression; and ignore the real poll science, for fantasy!

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The 'journalists' who run polls have sold their professional souls quite cheaply! They do this every four years, with no professional fallout; and some people still listen to these fools! I would like to see them in legal trouble for their deliberate election interference, and voter suppression.
The MSM "pollsters" are hard at their real job, of voter suppression; and ignore the real poll science, for fantasy!
This is more consistent with what I am hearing:

The pollsters are trying to influence the election, and not actually estimate the possible results. These are the same 'polls' that showed Killery up by 11% in 2016! They are at it again, deliberately skewing the 'results' to try to help the liberal candidates.

A pollster from Susquehanna Polling and Research this week slammed members of his profession for pushing “garbage polls” and predicted that President Donald Trump will win re-election on November 3. Jim Lee said that the polling industry was pushing data that is “egregiously off” and their efforts are a kind of “voter suppression.”

They, IMHO, have lost all credibility and are No longer journalist; and deserve nothing but disdain from the public!

Lee said that the polls showing Biden ahead by large margins in several battleground states do not reflect reality. He also said that pollsters are not taking into consideration the well-documented “shy” Trump voter effect. Lee referenced what happened in the 2016 election, where almost all polls inaccurately predicted the result of the election in part because of the shy Trump vote.

Then we look at the meetings, the meetings held by biden, are in the dozen voters range; While President Trump draws in tens of thousands of enthusiastic voters!

Lee said that he called on the American Association of Public Opinion Research to “crack down on egregious polling” and improve standards for firms that didn’t understand the political landscape of battleground state Pennsylvania.

It is embarrassing to watch these people 'report' on projections from their known inaccurate 'polls'. No one believes them any more, and they should be ashamed of their complicity! There should be legal recourse for deliberate election tampering, hidden as journalism....

“Our data showed the race a statistical tie when others had the race at 11 points,” he said. “Do you think that’s voter suppression? I’m sticking up for the industry – we need to crack down, someone needs to say this is out of control.”

As the shirt from the American Homestead says "Stupid should hurt"; and this should cost them their jobs!


The polls are a preemptive cover-up for the steal. They did not think Hillary would lose 2016. They are trying harder this time. The covid scam creates a larger mail-in option and enough unrest to attempt a coup, among other things.

They need to stop this mail in cheating! They have it where you can mail in a fake ballot weeks after the election is done...and it counts!


well well well...look who finally realized there was an election going on.

I am glad that you joined us on the election stuff finally! This has been a zoo.


your blog is always a zoo.

But not as much as this election! They are in a class of their own....


I agree. This election will go down as the craziest of all time! But Trump wins so it'll be worth it.

Yes, I believe he will win, and every single vote cheat should be prosecuted! Every cheating method needs to be fixed permanently! Computer voting needs to be stopped as unreliable.


He's going to win for sure but they need to go with a paper voting like the old days. This is one time that regression in technology is needed. lol.

Marshal law, with military supervision, identity verification, paper ballots, and zero mail-in ballots; needs to be done very quickly!

That way everybody gets one vote, and this treason that has been flagrant will be impossible.

I favor public hangings upon conviction for treason for election fraud! The entire country is tired of this crap....


what won't they do for the pedos?

Birds of a feather, should be composted together! These people are filth, and they are so Criminal....


Lou Dobbs had that Rasmussen idiot on. Why would anyone believe these polster creeps after 2016?

This idiot said again, that Biden will win unless Trump has "A Miracle Comeback?" smfh

Watching this corrupt news media is like inviting Hunter Biden into your home to hang out with your teenage daughters. The main stream news medias are the rapists of the truth. The enemy of the people, and the murderers of our freedom/country/justice/future.

You are 100% right, they are feces to be ignored until we can compost them! Even with the full cheating weight of the dnc behind him, biden has No chance!

There is a new liberal group planning on removing President Trump by force; from the White House, next Wednesday.


If needed I will stand and fight for Trump. Till then it is locked and loaded here at the ranch. ADT set. Gates full time locked. Cams on high motion alert. Intercoms sound on monitor mode. If the communist racist dems and the groups they are funding show up here to "Purge" they will get a fight.

I filled another 10 'heavy' magazines yesterday, while I'm cleaning and oiling!

I will add 8 new cameras (with IR Mode) out on the homestead with a central DVR soon. Gear is here already.