The Kettle is still boiling over with pure Tyranny in Virginia; as the politicians continue to ignore their voters!

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Here is proof that the politicians in Virginia learned NOTHING from the Pro second Amendment rally they just opposed! They still believe that they are rulers, and not employees. Nothing can be further from the truth; Tyrants "Rule", and these fools will break any laws to try to become Tyrrants!

Image from article:
The picture of tyranny in Virginia. This should scare the hell out of every thinking person!

Article on a view of the Tyranny running loose in Virginia:

These are evil men in control in Virginia (Soros and Bloomberg) running their Minions to attack the Constitution in the Great State of Virginia! These evil men demand that the politicians they paid for do their will, and disarm the honest Citizens (2nd Amendment), and shut them up (1st Amendment)!

After passing an unconstitutional “assault rifle” ban through a House committee, the Virginia state delegation forced onlookers to leave the committee under threat of arrest, essentially stripping them of their 1st Amendment right to petition the government.

Virginia House Bill 961 would effectively ban semi-automatic weapons as well as suppressors and magazines. The House Public Safety Committee only gave the dozens of activists who showed up for the vote Friday morning a combined total of five minutes to speak, according to the NRA-ILA.

They need to be reminded that they work for the VOTERS, and not the PACs that bought their way into office! WE need to Fix this mess, and limit contributions from any single source. This is what we get if we don't fix this!

The committee passed the legislation by a 12-9 vote that fell on party lines, with all Democrats in support and all Republicans in opposition. It will now be considered by the full state delegation in the days to come.

The Labiosa Liberty PAC posted the official livestream on Facebook showing Chairman Patrick Hope of Arlington making the signal for enraged pro-constitution attendees to be removed from the committee room. The livestream goes dead while the individuals are being stripped of their rights and removed, then resumes after they are gone.

They threw out Citizens so they could continue to strip their Constitutional rights in sealed chambers! This kind of crap is more suited to the Soviet Union, that to a Constitutional Republic!

“According to those in the room, Virginia State Police formed a riot line between the public and the committee and gave the public 30 seconds to leave or be arrested. Shortly after the room was cleared the committee came back into session with an empty chamber to consider additional gun control measures,” Labiosa Liberty PAC wrote.

This could still flare into open Civil War! This is a very dangerous direction these "Owned" politicians are taking. The question we need to ask is if this can ever be acceptable in this Republic!

A video record of illegal actions in Virginia:

Watch these Officers violate the Constitutional Rights of these lawfully gathered Citizens! THIS Is Tyranny, in it's purest form....

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Rule by the sword requires freedom by the sword.
Let's hope their hired thugs put their's down before this thing goes to the streets.

Violence is a liberal tool, so they need thugs.

I don't think they understand the level of violence they will release, when people begin protecting their own! Sow the wind....


Those officers should have refused to enforce an unconstitutional order.

There are a few bad eggs in every basket, and these officers are a real disappointment! They are obviously syphocants and not able to think independently! This is the face of Evil, and they should be purged and or jailed!


Well some people think smithlabs should be purged too because he just doesn't know how to conform!

Tell them to bring it on! It should be fun...and interesting, ROFLOL! Lock and load my friend....


Virginia citizens need to all rise up together and put a stop to this demonic experiment so they don't try it somewhere else.

It does need to be cleaned out, and those scumvermin who put up the money need to be in prison! Soros and Bloomberg both spent a lot more than the $5000 allowed by Law (per person)....

It should man Prison!


I'm sure you could say that the policies they're pushing in Virginia is what Bloomberg wants for the whole country.

It is a small piece of what we would face as a Nation for certain! This is Bloomberg, distilled down to his core....


Make taxation theft again! @tipu curate

It IS theft, so we will just be calling these facts as truth....

But all new limits will be beneficial!


Well, let's add some good news here as well what people can do in uniforms without taxes. This is an example from Detroit.

Detroit needs all the help it can get, too many liberals in charge for too long there!

I will try to find time to watch this video....

I am not really open to anarchy, although I believe that is where we will end up when liberals spend us into insolvency. I will be prepared for it, but a lot of good people will die.


You are welcome, @smithlabs. I hope we can look into our assumptions when you've taken some time to skim the video taped conversation. I'm looking forward to it. !invest_vote !DRAMATOKEN !COFFEEA

Time is at a premium, but I do plan to run the video. I am moving to a homestead we already bought (I am repairing the house that is there) and setting it up for off grid.


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@andrepol thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

Danka! Thank you for the vote, this problem worries me.


Now, what "problem" do you mean with "this"?

Purchased politicians in Virginia and their attempts at tyranny. What they are trying is illegal and immoral.


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Thanks, LOL! Glad you came by....


Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Thanks for the upvote!