Pelosi begin the Next Impeachment; by formally protecting liars called whistleblowers on the House floor!

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Get ready for the next Impeachment attack; Pelosi has set up a special office to protect "Whistleblowers"! No reason to do this for a failed Impeachment that is already past....

BUT for the next bout of Lies, she will need protection, or the truth might come out!

Image from Wikipedia:
The face of treason....

Article on formally protecting "whistleblowers":

Planning to protect her liars ahead of time, is an important consideration for the Liberal House. They can't allow the truth to come out, at Any Cost!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has created a new office to protect the Whistleblower, called the House of Representatives’ Office of the Whistleblower Ombudsman. The office was developed to determine the best practices for maintaining confidentiality of whistleblowers’ identities while receiving information from them.

Here is an amusing quote!

According to The Epoch Times, Nancy Pelosi’s office says the new office is intended to be independent and nonpartisan.

Nonpartisan? I am amazed that her tongue did Not catch on fire!

GOD Forbid that we should want to ask a question of a witness! Whistleblowers are in private industry and at risk for their testimony, with direct knowledge of an actual crime! This person works for US, has no risk, and NO knowledge; this is NOT a true whistleblower, but a partisan hack!

This appointment from the Speaker came about in result of Republican Senators pushing for more information on the Ukrainian whistleblower behind President Trump’s impeachment hearing. During the trial, presiding Justice John Roberts blocked a question from Rand Paul naming the alleged whistleblower. Senator Rand Paul later read the question mentioning the whistleblower’s name on the Senate floor, and Youtube struck down the video of it happening on it’s platform…

It’s “a chilling and disturbing day in America when giant web companies such as YouTube decide to censor speech,” Paul replied in a statement.

It bothers me more when I see the most powerful liberal in the USA, planning to protect future liars; while they all commit treason together!

SO GET READY, she plans more Impeachments! They have said they will keep doing this, until they get it to work! Welcome to 'tolerant' political interactions, and "NON-Partisan" treason, SMH!

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I don't think the country is ready for another long, drawn out impeachment proceeding, people are already sick of the subject.

Agreed, but it is all they have left, sad to say! This is 'fair' liberal politics at it's best....

They are that pitiful!


What is pitiful is that they compose roughly have the country don't they?

With the ballot box stuffing they were half in 2016. I expect they will stuff more this time, to try to steal power where they are able!

We live in evil times....