I spent the evening with my Son...and Captain Kirk, fun visit for all!

in palnet •  2 months ago 

Tonight was fun, went to a screening of the Movie "The Wrath of Kahn", tonight at the Brady Theater in Tulsa.


There was also a fun visitor...William Shatner was here, and talked for an hour and a half. He is a good speaker, and he Owned the crowd!

This was a lot of fun to listen to, and he told how he and Nemoy had tricked DeForest Kelly, by removing his breakfast (bagel) from the toaster while he wasn't looking. They did it twice in a row, ROFLOL!

It was good to hear that they had fun while filming!


I went with my Son, so in spite of the cold, it was a perfect day!

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Cool! I love hearing that he owned the stage.

It is the fullest I have seen the Brady Theatre, and yet the most intimate, interactive show too! Very enjoyable night....


Wow, so he talked for an hour and a half and then they played the movie? What was the cost of those tickets?

A lot, my Son bought them. For an extra $125, they would do a picture with him.

Movie first, then a nice long chat....


That's very interesting sir smithlabs, I didn't know anyone did events like that. Where does Shatner live, around there?

I don't know where he lives, but he came to OKC to compete in a world trotter race, and won!


What, he himself was the driver or his rig?

I thiunk he had a driver. He was proud, the horse was one he raised himself!

I don't blame him, raising a World Champion Trotter is Impressive.


Well that is impressive I just wonder about his judgement holding an event in OK.

A number of World Championships are held here, he has to go where the Championship is held....But he was thrilled to WIN!

The Six Horse Hitch is in OKC, I may go down there to watch that.


Where was this?

Tulsa Oklahoma at the Brady Theater. Cold but nice tonight!


So, this wasn't Comic Con or something with other celebrities and other things like a convention? Just him? I love Shatner.

Just him, it was pretty nice! They screened the Wrath of Kahn first, and I enjoyed that too....



He played with the audience, and they played back; I don't know who had the most fun, LOL!


As a character, I prefer Picard over Kirk, but as a person, I kind of prefer William Shatner as an actor in general over Patrick Stewart.

I love them both, but I think they weakened the Captain's seat on the Next Generation, by placing the other seats along side, and discussing command decisions.

No actual ship works this way, because divided command is a danger in itself. But I have them on dvd anyway. I liked 'Picard' in Dune best.