Here is something to think about for those building a homestead solar system, a high tech battery is available!

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It is possible to get the latest technology in batteries at a discount, if you get creative. Here is a 60,000 watt hour LiIon battery with needed electronics, that just happens to be inside a damaged vehicle. Keep an eye out locally, and you can find a similar one at salvage.

A battery this size will carry a homestead. Most of these batteries are set up in modules that can be taken apart to vary the operating voltage to Match your system's operating voltage.

Image from website:
battery on the hoof.JPG
Only 8500 miles on this battery....

Auction for wreaked electric vehicle:

So If you are in Florida, here is a good option for a power plant storage source. These batteries will last a number of times longer than lead acid batteries.

When looking at Electric Vehicles, the age of the battery is the most important consideration. Research on the modularity should be done before bids are placed on the vehicle. Caution should be used when searching for cars, pay special attention to the damage to be sure that the battery compartment is undamaged.

I wonder if the motor could be used to charge the batteries, since it is part of the purchase already? A chain drive is more efficient than a belt drive, and cheaper than a gear drive system. It is also a top tech item, so this motor could be interesting. The only drawback is that it will take significant power to spin this motor, but the output will be correspondingly high!

I have always wanted to build a heavy steam engine, and this might be a perfect use for this motor. Just keep thinking outside the box.

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Sir smithlabs! Is this the kind of battery you can use at your new place?

Yes, this is the same chemistry, LiIon cells. I am around 10,000 watts now, mostly salvaged from old laptop batteries. I may add one of these salvaged car batteries, to push me over the top on storage.


Well that sounds like you, rummaging around in an old junkyard. What makes those different from regular batteries?

LiIon batteries have a higher power density, and life expectancy.

I must be one then!

Or a carbon zinc cell, LOL?


I don't know, is that good? lol.

Original D cells, LOL!


Good ideas mate👍

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I just need to find one locally, to save money by avoiding shipping costs....

I gotta have one of these!


Out of the box thinking will get a person a lot further than in the box, (limited) thinking. Well, maybe not always, but it's a damn-sight more fun to expand one's paradigm than not.

It IS easier to take a walk when you are outside of the box, LOL!

I have a buddy in Florida that runs his entire house from one of these. He is looking for one more to run an added mini-split system, I talked him into adding.


Seems like a good way to go and I assume quite a bit cheaper. Any idea on what percentage of savings may be?

It is a real power saver, the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is 22. It will heat and cool 700 square feet, with 900 watts of power.

When I was in College studying alternate energy, we put in the first ground loop buried heat exchanger. We got a SEER of 7.5 on our heat pump; and the federal government showed up to verify the SEER numbers. LOL!