Due to Outrage over Pelosi's mutilation of the SOTU speech; she is forced to order her minions to hide the shreding videos!

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Pelosi is Ordering her propaganda wing of the DNC (Twitter and Facebook); to take down the video of her tearing up the SOTU speech. She is getting a lot of heat for tearing up this speech. So how do you fix a FUBAR? If you are a liberal, just pretend it never happened, and blame someone else!

Here is the video

Not good coverage From NBC, but it does show she did it, and NBC is less likely to be censored.

Article on Pelosi's request to censor this video:

After severe backlash for her ripping in half a government document on National Television,Nancy Pelosi orders her propaganda wing to tank the video so she can do damage control by changing what actually ocurred, using her primary weapon...the Lie!

Pelosi Wants Video Of Her Shredding Trump Speech Removed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is demanding that social media companies remove a video posted by the president featuring her stunt of ripping up his State of the Union message.

These platforms Claim that they are not a Publisher, while they remove content, and replace it with Acceptable content; which proves them to also be liars, and also (obviously) publishers!

They are in the pockets of the liberals, and are just another political tool in their quiver. It is immoral, and borderline Illegal; but still functional. WE need to stop helping them!

Her spokesman, Drew Hamill, told The Hill that Pelosi’s office had told both Twitter and Facebook to take it down.

Something to note that her office TOLD them to take it down!!!!

The Gateway Pundit reported: “Hamill also posted several complaints on Twitter, ‘The American people know that the president has no qualms about lying to them – but it is a shame to see Twitter and Facebook, sources of news for millions, do the same. … The latest fake video of Speaker Pelosi is deliberately designed to mislead and lie to the American people, and every day that these platforms refuse to take it down is another reminder that they care more about their shareholders’ interests than the public’s interests.’”

They never learn, instead of admitting they were wrong, and apologizing; they lie and cover up! Arrogantly assuming that they will never be exposed for either...BECAUSE they "own" the MSM!

This is a cancer on our republic; the attack dog to preserve freedom, has become a totalitarian lap dog!

The source of the blow back is multifold:

Members of Congress have pointed out federal law forbids the mutilation or destruction of federal documents and have asked for an investigation and possible prosecution.

Many were outraged because of the stories of Americans contained in the speech. They included the 100-year-old Tuskegee airman, a student given a scholarship, a veteran’s widow and the wife of a veteran whose husband was brought back from Afghanistan.

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Howdy sir smithlabs! Did you watch the speach? I didn't hear anything about it.

Yes, it was well writtem, and factual. So obviously, the liberals hated it!

Pelosi has been charged with an ethics violation, for tearing up the houses copy.


Oh reall? lol..an ethics violation! That's too funny.

Yes, and they want her to step down as speaker.


Who wants her to step down?

She is evil, but she doss know that to win; liberals Must lie about what they want.

She is protecting their more conservative sheeple votes, by lying to them!


Are the Independents waking up to see some of this or are they fooled?

Since they are losing significant numbers of Sheeple, it makes sense that they are loosing even more independent voters.

I bet they are afraid to poll them!


Looks like she may have succeeded - I can't play the video embedded in Trump's tweet.
How she could ask that a video showing her doing what anyone watching the SOTU saw her do baffles me. Her supporters shared a video showing her doing it all over Fedbook. They thought it was a classy act, she was a heroine! I was appalled. Childish, undignified, embarrassing, and most definitely pre-planned. I thought she was following the transcript so closely because it told her where to clap, where to sneer, where to stand, and when to tear it up.
How the powers that be could take it down frightens the crap out of me. Who is doing the thinking for us? Who do you think it is?

Scary video! This world does Not have long to survive, SMH....

Lots of proof that it was planned to the last detail.


She is a Minion of Satan, so I am relatively sure where the instructions came from.

The ability to Order social media to strip this video should concern us all, this is unprecedented control! Hitler himself would have wet his pants to have this kind of power....


Wouldn't that mean they would have to take down two hour videos of the entire 2020 SOTU speech as it includes that little one second part at the end of her ripping up the speech? Are they also taking down photos, GIFs, memes, mentions, comments, messages, posts, articles, links, etc, relating to the shredding of the speech is what I want to know.

They do it all the time. They will just cut or crop. I don't think she is worth the effort. They use A.I. Bots to kill this by the thousands.

I watched them erase videos of a jumbo jet.



They aren't getting a free ride anymore! People are gettimg tired of the theatrics, and are beginning to demand accountability....

They cant do accountability, they can only live in the lie region.


it's about time

Alternative Media is loosening the choke hold they have had on information and news for the last half century!

The liberals have been ptotected for so long; that they get insulted, when asked the hard questions!


It looks like somebody asked Trump about Qanon and Trump said, "I don't want to say, but you'd be surprised."

I had never heard of them I was just looking at the liberal's fruits, and their policies are demonic in scope.

I do not agree that these people are in control, because they are minions; Satan is obviously in charge of them. Sad to say, but again obvious from their fruits.